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3 Indoor Activities to Beat the Rainy Day Blues in Metro Detroit

March 15, 2019

Going a little stir crazy from a long winter and now rainy days? Axe throwing, curling and fowling will get you moving and boost your mood — even if you can’t go outside.

By Michelle McAllister

When it rains for a few days straight, it’s easy to go stir crazy trying to find fun things to do indoors. Lucky for the us, there are some fun options in the Metro Detroit area that will help you beat the rainy day blues.

1. Axe Throwing

axe throwingMichelle McAllister for SEEN

Detroit Axe

344 W. Nine Mile Road, Ferndale

My friends and I headed to Ferndale to check out axe throwing. After signing our lives away, we were given instruction on how to throw the axes without losing a limb. We were told there was no liquor allowed in the cages, only beer. Probably a good thing!

We went through a series of practice throws. The axes are surprisingly heavier than you would think. We played some round robin games, and I was pleased to find out I am a pretty good axe thrower, so don’t mess with me!

Axe throwing is a great activity for friends, bachelor or bachelorette parties or work outings. It’s not too hard, yet lots of fun!

Bonus fun: There’s a throne made of axes to take selfies in!

2. Curling

curlingMichelle McAllister for SEEN

Detroit Curling Club

1615 E. Lewiston, Ferndale

Curling is extremely popular here in Michigan. Founded in 1840, the Detroit Curling Club is one of the oldest in the United States. This club is steeped in tradition. My husband and I took a 2-hour class where we spent the first 20 or so minutes learning about the button, the hammer and when to brush.

Let’s just say this is not as easy as it looks at the Olympics! First, curling takes coordination. There is the ice to contend with, as you try to glide gracefully across the ice and push the 42-pound stone. Also, it is an active sport. As the sweeper, you are practically running up and down the ice trying to stay in front of the stone. Definitely an authentic experience!

Curling is great for groups and families with older children. Just make sure to read the information provided in advance: Don’t wear jeans, and dress appropriately for being on the ice.

3. Fowling

fowlingVia Fowling Warehouse Facebook

Fowling Warehouse

3901 Christopher St., Hamtramck

Another unique experience in the Detroit area is the Fowling Warehouse in Hamtramck. Fowling is bowling with a football. Not sure what to expect, we drove up to an industrial warehouse and went in. For $10, you can play all day!

Fowling is incredibly hard! You have to throw a football with accuracy to hit bowling pins. Kock all 10 pins down, and you win the game! If someone else’s ball hits your lane and knocks down a pin, it can help or hurt your chances of winning. Alcohol is encouraged, and the Fowling Warehouse has a full bar. You can also order in food.

After an exhausting hour of playing, we still had not knocked down our 10 pins. Overhand, underhand, rolling the football like a bowling ball, it didn’t make a difference! The pins would not fall.

This game is not for the weak! While it was a fun time with two people, I think it would be much more fun with a group. Anyone 10 and over can play, so it is good for all types of groups. There was a large birthday party the day we were there, but with 30 lanes, we had no trouble getting one.

Beat the rainy day blues, while being active inside. Axe throwing, curling and fowling will not disappoint.

Michelle McAllister is an avid traveler and on-the-go mom, who loves to give back to her community. She’s a 20-year resident of the Ann Arbor area and is always searching for the next thing to do locally. She’s loves adventure and has been to 49 states and 42 countries because of her wanderlust. Follow her adventures at adventuresinbucketlisting.com.

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