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I3 Wellness Opens Downtown to Help Detroiters Improve Their Health

June 6, 2019

The wellness center aims to find answers to health issues, using methods outside of conventional medicine. Check out their open house on June 7.

By Andrea Walker-Leidy

Photography by Derrick Martinez

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Innovative, integrated wellness is now in the “D.” Launched in partnership with H3 Hope, Healing and Health Inc., i3 Wellness Center is a space designed to help Metro Detroiters understand and explore the many layers of health and wellness — mind, body and soul.

The community is invited to an open house on Friday from 1-5 p.m. to learn more and meet the i3 Wellness Center team.

“We want people to better understand the benefit of holistic care,” says Rebecca Palen, i3 owner and founder. “We believe that wellness comes from an integrative approach to good health and is something attainable for anyone, at any stage of life.”

i3 Wellness

Rebecca Palen

Unique to i3 is its commitment to professional, research-based care in a holistic setting. All services are offered by licensed therapists, nurses, nurse practitioners and psychologists. Medical Director and co-owner Dr. Robert Lagrou oversees clinical care and IV therapy as a part of i3’s wellness services.

Palen began her career in clinical social work, specifically oncology. She saw the effects that disease and stress had on the body and knew she had to find a better way to address all those needs in one place. From that passion, she opened H3-Hope, Healing, Health, Inc. in 2013. H3 was founded on the premise that everyone deserves to feel a sense of hope even when the situations and events of their lives leave them feeling lost and without a way back to living healthfully and peacefully.

i3 Wellness

I3 Wellness is an extension of that passion and is committed to seeking answers for individuals ready to take their journey of health. The i3 team also focuses on individuals with trauma, chronic issues or autoimmune diseases who are looking for answers outside of conventional medicine.

“We see how autoimmune and chronic illnesses affect the entire person,” Palen says. “By offering therapies in a number of areas, we are able to treat the whole person, not just the symptoms.”

Palen and her team are able to assess clients and prepare a roadmap that will take them on their journey of health. She encourages individuals to start on that journey wherever they feel comfortable. While traditional medicine only allows a clinician to stay with a patient for a specific time, the team at i3 works with a patient along their entire journey, often from crisis to management, and wellness care.

i3 Wellness

“Some patients come to us solely seeking therapy or yoga, and we are thrilled they are here to start their journey,” Palen says. “As they start on that journey, we talk about the importance of incorporating vitamin supplements, holistic therapy or IV therapy to truly care for the entire body, allowing the mind to have the support it needs.”

Making a commitment can be small. That energy and focus on self begins a path to seeing results, and allows the team at i3 to assess, seek and find answers.

“Health doesn’t have to be overwhelming,” Palen says. “Change and growth takes time, and we are here to help create a consistent lifestyle of care for anyone who enters our doors.”

i3 Wellness

1300 Broadway St., suite 400, Detroit



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