How to Slay 6 Summer Trends

Fashion blogger Asima Khan shares six affordable summer trends to help you slay all season long. By Asima Khan 1. Hair Clips, Pins and Barrettes This trend is everywhere! Decorative hair pieces are making a huge comeback. There are so many different ways to wear them and accessorize your summer look. You can see, the six large-sized pearl pieces give my outfit a dramatic effect! I put four toward the top and two at the bottom of my curls — anything goes with this look. Check out the links below to get some of my same pieces. Have fun with this one, as the options on how to wear them are endless! SHOP: Gum drop barrette from Mesh Detroit; Pearl hair clips from Amazon; Star rhinestone hair clip from Shein; O ring metal hair clip from Shein. 2. Head-to-Toe Neon The year was 1992, and the trend that took over the world was neon accents. Fast forward 27 years, and we find ourselves in the same spot as then, except the vibes are now better than ever! Don’t be afraid to really explore different ways to display this trend, whether it’s through your makeup, your clothing or even your accessories. I … Continue reading How to Slay 6 Summer Trends