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How to Get Decor Inspiration from Your Closet

April 24, 2018

Planning to change your decor? Try taking some lifestyle and aesthetic clues from your closet.

By Armina Kasprowicz

Planning to refresh your decor but not sure where to start? Try heading into your closet. Your personal style — from color preferences and silhouettes, to investment pieces — can offer a wealth of insight into aesthetic and lifestyle cues that can be used to create a home you love.

Here’s how the way you dress can help you choose furniture, accessories, silhouettes and more.

decor inspiration

Clockwise: Gucci velvet bag, Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses with Swarovski crystals and L’Objet malachite box.

Take a peek in your closet.

Whether you consider yourself the ultimate fashionista or anything but, you probably have a well-defined personal style. That might mean a preference for keeping up with trends, sticking to the classics or wearing a casual “uniform” of jeans and a T-shirt. Whatever it may be, the way you dress is a reflection of your lifestyle and personality.

To figure out how your fashion sense translates into your decorating style, take a peek in your closet and make note of the dominant colors, silhouettes and types of clothing you own. A closet full of neutral colors in tailored silhouettes might translate into a living room full of clean-lined furniture in gray and white tones. Think tuxedo sofas, linear or geometric patterns, and color-blocked decor to create well-defined sightlines.

On the other hand, if your wardrobe is comprised of color and pattern, it could indicate a more bohemian space: a sofa upholstered in colored velvet, layers of mix-and-match throw pillows and accents collected from your travels, for example.

Even whether your prefer denim or dresses can help clue you in to your decor style. An inclination for a more casual lifestyle might mean you can skip a formal seating area for a cozy sectional sofa, or opt for an eat-in kitchen over a traditional, separate dining space.

decor inspiration

Clockwise: Balenciaga bag, Jonathan Adler acrylic egg, Emerson Et Cie stool and Gucci platform sandals.

Invest in great basics, and let accessories show your style.

Chances are there are certain pieces in your wardrobe, like a custom-tailored blazer or a designer tote bag, that you’ve had for years but still turn to over and over again. There’s also a good chance that you spent more money on these items, knowing that you’d get great use out of them. The same mentality can be applied to your home decor, no matter your style. Certain pieces, like a high-quality neutral sofa, a hand-knotted rug or a solid wood dining table are worthwhile investments. They create the foundation for a beautiful home because they’ll stand up to both time and style.

Similarly, just like the statement necklace you add to your favorite white blouse, think of design elements like throw pillows, small accent furniture, vases, coffee table books and even wall art as opportunities to show off your unique aesthetic. Because they’re less expensive, accent pieces are also a low-commitment way to take a design risk or try out the latest trends. Simply swap them out for new pieces when your room needs a refresh.

decor inspiration

Clockwise: Diorever bag, Emaux de Longwy candle, Amanda Wakeley bracelet, Philip Jeffries studded detail wallpaper and Jonathan Browning Hardware.

Keep an eye on the latest trends.

Fashion often has a trickle-down effect on home decor, meaning that the styles on the runway, in fashion magazines and even on the racks at mass retailers can offer a wealth of ideas for decorating a new space.

If you’re looking for fresh color palette ideas, for example, try flipping through a few of your favorite magazines and see what styles you’re instantly drawn to. A look through the spring 2018 issues of Vogue or Elle, for example, will show that bright saturated colors and soft pastels are currently the palettes du jour — and perhaps the perfect shades to bring some interest to your mostly neutral room.

Other recent fashion trends that have already begun making their way into the home: pom-poms, emerald green, gold and brass tones, and chunkier, bolder silhouettes. Incorporate these trends into your space now, and you can be sure it will feel fresh and up-to-date for seasons to come.

Armina Kasprowicz is the founder of Armina Interiors, a full-service interior design firm specializing in high-end residential properties and small commercial projects throughout Metro Detroit. Born in Poland and educated in the United States, Armina uses her extensive travels and experiences with hybrid cultures as a constant inspiration for her work. Creating sophisticated, elegant interiors and more relaxed, bohemian counterparts, she has a natural fluency with many different design styles as well as a unique ability to blend them together in innovative ways.

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