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How Cosmetic Changes Can Improve Your Oral Health

August 28, 2019

Updating your dental work can give you a healthy mouth that looks and feels good.

By Dr. Jeffrey Haddad

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I recently had an experience in my office that reminded me that without the proper knowledge and education, it is very difficult to make a good decision when it comes to one’s health. This can be true in the medical field, and this can especially be true in the dental world.

A family friend brought this to my attention after we rebuilt her smile and gave her back the health and beauty she didn’t even know was possible in dentistry. I want to share Sandy’s story with you because I know her situation is common, and hopefully, it will help others realize there are solutions for people at any age and at any stage in their dental lives.

Sandy came to my office for a second opinion on her broken tooth. I examined her entire mouth, evaluated her bite, photographed her smile and took the necessary radiographs so I could give her my opinion on the overall health of her mouth. Sandy had a mouth full of older-style dental work with mercury fillings, crowns with metal along the gum line and restorations of different material and colors on the majority of her teeth. Most of her dental work was failing because of the older materials that were used. We sat down and viewed her photos, and Sandy proceeded to point out all the things about her smile and teeth that she was unhappy with.



What Sandy didn’t realize was the concerns she perceived as cosmetic were also problems that were affecting her oral health. As a result of leaky old crowns, her gum tissue was inflamed, making it difficult for her to keep her mouth healthy. She had never been given the option to address all of her failing dental work at once so she could achieve the result she wanted — a natural-looking healthy mouth.

Most patients are completely unaware of the significant changes in dental materials, sophisticated technology and advanced techniques that now allow dentists to give you back that optimal level of dental health. We use porcelains that not only look and feel like natural teeth, but are three times stronger than anything else we have ever used in dentistry! After talking through Sandy’s goals, we were able to replace all her failing dental work with new, natural-looking porcelain restorations in two visits. “A cap here, a root canal there left me with different shapes and colors of my teeth. No dentist ever told me that this type of dentistry was even possible,” she told me. Many patients routinely go to their dentists for a checkup and cleaning, but rarely for a comprehensive exam to determine the overall status and health of their mouth. In my experience, we find that the best results are achieved when the patient is part of the process. We encourage discussion about perceived problems and concerns, present all options and ultimately help our patients make the best decision for their situation.

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