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Holiday Week Outfit Guide

December 21, 2020

Feel festive and fashionable all week long with these outfits inspired by classic holiday movies

The holidays look a little different this year, but no matter how you’re celebrating this season, we have you covered when it comes to fashion. Check out our weeklong guide for looks inspired by our favorite holiday films!

By Mia Morelli

Monday holiday outfit1. Triple Needle Denim Jacket in Coated Black, $173, Bloomingdales; 2. Fabienne Top, $172, Revolve; 3. Alexa Bag, $279, OnFemme by Lindsey’s Kloset; 4. Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch, $36.98, Urban Outfitters; 5. Silver Hoop Earring, $16, Fab’rik; 6. Baby Boot, $218, Revolve; 7. Louise White/Zebra Sneaker, $238, Sundance Shoes; 8. Exhale the Bullshit, $30, OnFemme by Lindsey’s Kloset

Tuesday holiday outfit

1. Diamond Quilted Thermoregulated Jacket, $750, Burberry; 2. The Dazzler Pixie Ankle Frayed Jeans, $238, Saks Fifth Ave; 3. Take Me Out Coin Purse, $40, Rotate Boutique;  4. Evil Eye Knocker Hoops, $75, OnFemme By Lindsey’s Kloset; 5. Charles David Duffy Boot, $118, Sundance Shoes

Wednesday holiday outfit

1. Sled Polo Bear Sweater, $184.99, Polo Ralph Lauren; 2. Good Waist High Waist Ankle Skilly Jeans, $169, Nordstrom; 3. Horse Print Poplin Hair Tie, $25, Saks Fifth Avenue; 4. DIY Gingerbread Decorating Kit, $10, Bakehouse46; 5. J/Slipper, $85, Sundance Shoes

Thursday holiday outfit

1. Hazel Blouson-sleeve Sweater, $176, Saks Fifth Avenue; 2.  Jayla Pleated Vegan Leather Skirt, $425, Found Objects; 3. David Yurman, $850, Neiman Marcus; 4. Mini Cloud Scandal, $130, Hersh’s; 5. Mary Frances Martini Beaded Coin Purse, $58, Rotate Boutique

Friday holiday outfit

1. Christiano Mini Dress, $188, Revolve; 2. David Knee High Boots, $139, Nordstrom; 3. Beaded Headband, $30, Nordstrom; 4. Pave Interlock Hoops, $85, OnFemme by Lindsey’s Kloset; 5. The Kooples, $291, Bloomingdales; 6. Yves Saint Laurent Patent Leather Balle De Jour Clutch, $480, Rotate

Saturday holiday outfit

1. Raffaello Bettini Fox Fur Pom-Pom, $230, Saks Fifth Avenue; 2. Perfect Moment Allos One-Piece Ski Suit, $990, Bloomingdales; 3. Bolt Statement Earrings, $75, OnFemme by Lindsey’s Kloset; 4. Head Absolut Joy Skis with Bindings, $599, REI; 5. Schild Sweater, $290, Revolve; 6. Sorel Jordan Of Artic Next Lite Strap Puffy Sneaker, $152, Sundance Shoes

Sunday holiday outfit


1. Not a DB Blazer, $357, Revolve 2. Dakota High Rise Relaxed Boyfriend, $299, Revolve; 3. Logo Chain Leather Backpack, $1,185, Saks Fifth Ave; 4. Floral Opal Ear Climber Earring, $70, Neiman Marcus; 5. Bos & Co Indie Boot, $191, Sundance Shoes

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