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Have Dry Hair and Skin? It May Be Your Home’s Water

July 23, 2019

A Metro Detroit water filtration company offers a system that removes lead and contaminants harmful to your body.

By Andrea Walker-Leidy

Photography by Derrick Martinez

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Safe, clean water is essential to life. Now more than ever families are concerned about ensuring that the water in their homes is safe and contaminant free. Every day new information is being released about contaminants in water that are harmful to your health and quality of life. From harmful lead poisoning damaging cities to chlorine levels in city water, many American families no longer feel safe when turning on the tap.

A Farmington Hills company that recently opened a store in Birmingham is helping families ensure they are providing clean water throughout the entire house. HANS Premium Water experts say installing a HANS appliance gives homes water that is cleaner than federal standards and health guidelines.

Did you know your water may contain many of these contaminants? And the HANS Premium Water Appliance removes up to 99% of:

  • Lead
  • Hexavalent chromium
  • Arsenic
  • Iron
  • Chloroform
  • Nitrate
  • Nitrite
  • Fluoride

Are you noticing a sulfur taste or rotten egg smell? By using the HANS system with well water, consumers can see and taste clear, odorless water flowing from their faucets. The HANS appliance also removes iron to eliminate staining in sinks and toilets due to the contaminant in the water.

“HANS gives you virtually contaminant-free water throughout your entire home,” says Matt Rouhan, head of inside sales. “No other point-of entry water device with our footprint removes contaminants to these levels. And, it softens hard water without the use of salt.”

In addition to removing chlorine and the hardness in water, HANS also removes manmade contaminants including PFOA, PFOS, hexavalent chromium and many others. The HANS Premium Water Appliance can produce 3,300-5,000 gallons per day and up to 4 gallons of water per minute. The technology also includes performance monitoring to alert if service is required.

Hard water can create scale and build-up on fixtures and appliances; coffee makers, washing machines and dishwashers are clearer and function better with a full-home water filtration system. Using the HANS Premium Water Appliance also helps with etching on glasses and cleaner laundry.

The effect of cleaner water extends much farther than drinking, cooking and bathing safety. Many families experience dry skin and hair as another factor caused by hard water and chlorine.

“Safer water for our families is the goal,” Rouhan says. “Better-looking skin and hair is an incredible added benefit that our consumers are seeing.”

The levels of safety offered by contaminant-free water are a lifelong gift to each consumer’s family.

HANS Premium Water Store

239 Pierce St., Birmingham



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