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6 Glute Exercises to Tone Your Butt

June 21, 2018

Franklin fitness trainer Lisa MacDonald shows how to do six easy glute exercises to achieve a toned butt.

By Lisa MacDonald

Fashion trends change seasonally, and fitness trends change almost as frequently. The new trend for both men and women that I am noticing is building a more toned butt.

It has always been important to tone your glutes. However, there has been a dramatic increase in building glutes rather than just tightening. Thank you J. Lo and the Kardashians!

There are many ways to achieve more rounded and firm glutes, which is the most requested and challenging body part to train.

Here’s my suggested routine and tips:

1. Strength train 5-6 days per week.

  • 2 days focus on lower body, specifically glutes
  • 2 days HIIT total body
  • 2 days focus on upper body and abs

2. Practice slow, precise movements. Don’t rush and make sure you engage the muscle so you can feel it.

3. Less is more. If you do 100 reps and never feel the glutes actually firing, you are wasting your time. Slow down and make sure you are firing the glutes and not the back extensors.

4. Form is key! Learn to master each move so you get the most out of your workouts.

5. Eat a balanced diet to reduce overall body fat, as you can’t spot reduce from just the glutes. A lower body fat percentage will create a firmer and elevated look.

My favorite glute moves include:

Hip Thrusts

glute exercises

KB Squats

glute exercises

Single Leg Deadlifts

glute exercises

Kneeling Straight Leg Lift

glute exercises

Kneeling 90-Degree Lift

glute exercises

Landmine Kneeling Squat Press

glute exercises

Watch the following video to see how to perform each exercise:

If you are consistent with both your diet and exercise program you can expect to see improvement in as little as two weeks and major changes in six weeks. Consistency is key!

Lisa MacDonald founded Franklin-based Fitness Driven with the mission to provide world-class health and wellness services to her clients. A fitness and nutrition specialist, Lisa professes the importance of eating whole foods and is often found creating new recipes to suit her healthy lifestyle. Combining her knowledge of exercise science, athletic conditioning, pilates and nutrition, Lisa creates unique programs that are tailored to meet the goals and specific needs of each individual. 


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