“Glam & Glitz”

December 1, 2014
How to pull off this look for this holiday season.
By Rachel Schostak

It’s that time of year … shorter days, colder nights, layering pieces. Yep, the Midwest winter has arrived.

While being casually dressed for winter is easy to do with layers, cute coats paired with boots,gloves, arm warmers and scarves, how do you dress for holiday celebrations?

Here are a few suggestions on how to “go glam” for the upcoming holiday season full of parties, celebrations and all of the wonderful occasions that end the year in style.

Whether you go glam all the way, choose a feminine, ladylike romantic style or are just a classic gal, we’re suggesting a few essential styles to glam up your look this holiday season. The more you sparkle, the better!

Other holiday style ideas for the season:

The “romantic feminine” look is trending. It’s easy to dress this look by wearing a tea length or A-line skirt with a simple blouse. A pink overcoat can complete your romantic glam lady-like look.

If you want to work with what is currently in your closet, you can always take your classic black dress and glam it up with the right accessories. The right lipstick, jewelry, bag and shoes can give you the glam look without being over the top. NS

Rachel Schostak is the founder of styleshack.com, where all of these products are available. Email her at hello@styleshack.com.



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