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Giving the Gift of Hearing

November 21, 2019

For loved ones suffering from hearing loss, the gift of hearing is the best present you could give this holiday season.

By Andrea-Walker Leidy

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With the holidays approaching, you might be thinking about how to give a unique and meaningful gift. For those with loved ones suffering from hearing loss, the holidays may be the perfect time to help them enjoy life to the fullest.

“People don’t often think about gifts that are unique to those with hearing loss,” says Hillary Wright, hearing instrument specialist at Oakland Hearing Aid Center. “New or upgraded hearing aids may be one idea, but there are many accessories now available that are compatible with hearing aids.”

Hearing aid and hearing accessory gift ideas include:

  • TV Streamers: Wireless integrated systems that pair with hearing aids to transfer sound to an individual’s hearing device.
  • Partner Mics: Bluetooth devices that clip to a speaker and transfer directly into an individual’s hearing aid. They are ideal for talking at longer distances.
  • Electric Hearing Aid Dryers: Use a fan or heater to dry and remove moisture that can cause bacteria in a hearing aid.
  • Batteries: A great gift for those who use disposable batteries, or give an extra charger for those who use rechargeable.

When an individual begins losing their hearing, the initial signs may be subtle. Loved ones may not engage in conversation, ask you to repeat yourself or they may seem to isolate themselves from others. Often, it’s family that notices these first signs. During the holidays when you’re spending more time with loved ones, it’s ideal to keep an eye out for these signs and encourage loved ones to see a hearing specialist.

Oakland Hearing Aid Center offers free hearing screening as a part of the first visit to the office. This allows the provider to establish a patient’s needs and make recommendations.

Hearing aids are similar to intelligent computers, specifically programmed to each individual’s hearing loss. Along with the hearing aid itself, costs cover programming and follow up visits for 5 years.

“It’s important to develop a relationship with a hearing aid provider,” says Colleen Newman, audiologist at Oakland Hearing Aid Center. “We work regularly with our patients to ensure that their device continues to fit well and are working appropriately.”

Whether during the holidays or into the new year, it’s always a good time to find out if loved ones suffering from hearing loss are using the latest technology to connect with their hearing aids.

Both Newman and Wright work with patients and their loved ones to find the right hearing aids and devices to make life more enjoyable. Individuals suffering from hearing loss are able to connect with family and friends once again after they are fitted with hearing aids. That gift is priceless and lasts for years.

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