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Gifts for Kids

November 21, 2017

Here are some of the hottest gifts for kids this vetted by our own little ones!

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Every year we all get bombarded with ads for toys for kids. But not all toys are created equal. Here are a few gift picks that have been vetted (heavily played with) by our kids, so we know yours will love them. 

1. American Girl Doll 

If you have a daughter who likes to play with dolls, you need to invest in an American Girl Doll. They are incredibly well made and will last for years – if they experience great wear and tear, or some sort of injury, you can send her to their Doll Hospital for repair. The newest historical doll, Nanea is Hawaiian in origin and comes with a book. Or, they have Bitty Baby (traditional baby dolls), Wellie Wishers, and so many more to choose from. $60 for Bitty Baby and Wellie Wisher dolls, $115 for historical and contemporary dolls, available in Michigan at the American Girl store at Twelve Oaks Mall. 

2. Build A Bear Workshop

Whether it’s your niece or nephew, cousin, or your own child, a visit to the Build A Bear Workshop is one of the most memorable experiences you’ll share. Not only does the child get to choose which stuffed animal they want, they get the enjoy the process of giving it a heart and bringing it to life. There are plenty of accessories and outfits to choose from, so the child will be able to find the perfect friend to match their personality – best of all, they will remember the fun they had with you every time they give their Build a Bear Friend a hug. Prices range from around $20 – $60 for the stuffed animal. Accessories are sold separately. Build A Bear Workshop, Twelve Oaks Mall. 

3. Catch & Count Fishing Game

Gift Ideas for KidsMy two year old loves this fishing game – it is great for fine motor skill development, color recognition, and it’s just plain fun. Even my five-year-old still plays the game with and enjoys it. $24.99 at Papyrus, Twelve Oaks Mall. 


4. ‘Scoop & Stack’ Ice Cream Kit

Little kids love ice cream – this cute ice cream kit comes with different flavors of ice cream, cones, and magnetic scoopers allowing kiddos to play “Ice Cream” Shop. It is endless fun for the kids in my family. $29.99 at Nordstrom, Twelve Oaks Mall

 5. Magic Hat Kit 

Gifts for Kids

This kit brings out the creativity and wonder of a child’s imagination! Let your little magician put on a fun show for family, friends or even with their favorite stuffed animals. $29.99 at Nordstrom, Twelve Oaks Mall. 

6. Arts & Crafts Library Kit

Give the gift of art! This kit comes with all the fun stuff – beads, sequins, felt, wooden dowels, googly eyes, scissors, glue and so much more. Everything is neatly stored in a handled container to keep things mess free. It’s recommended for 6 years and up, but my 5-year-old Picasso will be getting it this year:)  $39.99 at Nordstrom, Twelve Oaks Mall.

8. Books
You can never go wrong with books – especially for babies and toddlers since you never know what toy’s they already have or might be getting. My babes were big fans of Jellycat books – which are full of great colors and sensory experiences. Dino Tail Book $16.50 at Nordstrom, Twelve Oaks Mall. 

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