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Gift Guide 2020: For the Littles

November 2, 2020

Kerry Doman, founder and CEO of LittleGuide Detroit, rounds up gifts that will spark joy for kids this holiday season

Kids love to dig, dump and build, and Bruder’s lifelike trucks will help make their construction dreams come true. They’re hands down the most used toys in our house.

Getting your hands on some wheels — whether it’s a bike, scooter or skateboard — will help your kids work off all of that pent-up energy. The Micro Maxi Deluxe LED scooter fits riders up to 110 lbs. and is ideal for zipping up and down the sidewalk.

Gardening outside isn’t really an option this winter, so why not grow something indoors? Creativity for Kids Mini Garden not only sprouts cute little chia seeds, but your kids will love decorating it with sparkly gems, stickers and whimsical figurines.

Kerry Doman, a mom of two, is the founder and CEO of Little Guide Detroit, a resource for local parents and kids.

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