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Gender-Neutral Style: The Future of Fashion

May 18, 2021

Fashion trends come and go, but gender-neutral style is here to stay. “Neutralize” your wardrobe with these everyday looks

By Mia Morelli 

Featured photo by Amanda Vick

The term “gender-neutral” is thrown around a lot these days in the fashion industry. Some brands use it to define their style, while others demonstrate their gender neutrality through editorial shoots or ad campaigns. In any case, the phrase itself is all about blurring lines, embracing interpretation, and finding the most confident version of yourself. So while there’s no right or wrong way to gender neutralize your wardrobe, we put together some looks that express our interpretation of this new-age fashion movement.



1. Vintage Terry Tee- Incense, $40, Good Neighbor; 2. The Artisan Denim, $59, Detroit is the New Black; 3.Velvet Smoking Bucket Hat, $49, OnFemme by Lindsey’s Kloset; 4. Multi-Color Block Knit Cardigan, $39, Deviate Fashion; 5. Leather Pastel Sole Trainers, $170, Dolce Moda


1. Bold Moves Sweater, $240, Hersh’s; 2. Wide-pleat Midi Skirt, $46.50, J.Crew; 3. Sonny Biker Leather Belt Bag, $1,050, Neiman Marcus; 4. Seawall Trucker, $130, Good Neighbor; 5. Branded Leather Trainers, $170, Dolce Moda




1. Paris Of the West Union Jacket, $129, Detroit is the New Black; 2. Wedgie Straight Fit, $98, Good Neighbor; 3. Disco Chain Gold Necklace, $50, Ferne Boutiques; 4. Recycled Cotton Fleece Jacket, $130, Good Neighbor; 5. Sonny Icon Stripe E-Canvas Belt Bag, $720, Neiman Marcus


1. Beige Bucket Hat, $19, Deviate; 2. No Bad Days Ever, $55, Untied ON Woodward; 3. Leather Trainers Grey, $170, Dolce Moda; 4. Colorado String-Body Turtleneck, $250, Neiman Marcus; 5. Motel Yeva Trousers, $68, BirdBee

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