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From Teacher to Real Estate Business Owner

January 23, 2021

How Renee Lossia Acho consults with clients through all aspects of real estate

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Renee Lossia Acho grew up surrounded by her family of architects, designers and builders, learning these trades in a sort of “unofficial” apprenticeship. She didn’t realize it at the time, but those lessons in design, construction and more would lead the lifelong Michigan native and University of Michigan graduate to a career in real estate — where those unique skills helped her to build a career as a real estate consultant. Understanding these skills not only helped launch her career but would become an asset to her clients who include builders, designers and homeowners throughout Oakland County.

Lossia Acho, a mother of three, was a high school teacher in American history, government and economics when, in 2005, she started selling real estate part time to supplement her teaching salary. “It was an unexpected transition that quickly became a passion.” After a few years, she was a full-time independent agent becoming an area top producing agent by 2008 and is now among the top 1 percent of realtors nationally.

In 2017, she transitioned once again, as an owner helping to launch KW Domain — 2020’s top MLS brokerage — and officially formed her team, the RLA Real Estate Group. “I have an amazing village,” she said “my team of incredible women is the foundation of my success and the reason we are able to provide the high level of service to our clients.”

Renee Lossia Acho Consults with Clients through all aspects of Real Estate

RLA team: Marlo Scott, Carrie Clement, Renee Lossia Acho, Antoneta Nikollaj

Through all of this, she still hasn’t forgotten the lessons of the classroom — namely, how to work with all kinds of people while imparting guidance, market knowledge and her expertise to both clients and colleagues through classes she teaches regularly at KW Domain.

“Real estate is a practice of understanding all aspects of a home but also of people,” she said. “It can be a scary, emotional and stressful process. My goal is to help my clients by being their advisor and advocate. Helping them understand value, options and opportunities beyond the point of purchase. It’s about helping them find the best fit for their financial and personal lifestyle, building relationships and being an ongoing resource.”

Lossia Acho’s unique understanding and expertise in home design, remodeling and building helped her make her mark as she developed relationships with local builders, consulting with them on designing and building homes with features people want but that also function for what they need.

“That’s what really launched my career,” she said. “These skill sets continue to provide a significant value add for my clients. It can be challenging for some to envision a home’s potential or understand the cost in making the changes they are looking for-that’s one of the ways I can really help. Often it’s about helping with the vision and guiding changes that will be cost effective or even cost prohibitive for resale.” She has put her skills to the test several times and has completed 3 remodeling and 6 new construction projects for herself — with one currently in the works.

With regards to the current market and what’s ahead, Lossia Acho says that’s somewhat less certain. “I believe what we all learned first-hand over the last year is how unpredictable life can be” she said. “We continue to learn to be adaptable as best we can as we move forward. Our homes and how we live in them is part of that change- I do feel confident that homes with flexible spaces conducive to work, school and recreation are going to be in high demand as part of our new normal.”

She predicts that homes will continue to be places with the need for this flexibility even after we are past the limitations of the pandemic — home offices, indoor and outdoor recreation areas and even home gyms will be important for many who may now have the choice to work from home.

The market should remain strong through 2021, she said, with low interest rates and high demand — coupled with low inventory making it both a buyer’s and a seller’s market.

“It’s very unusual to have a market with so much demand and such low inventory, which will help maintain stability in pricing,” she said. “We will have to wait and see how the market reacts to last year, only time will tell, but we’ll be ready.”

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