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Fitness SEEN: SurfSet at Beverly Hills Club

January 23, 2019

What’s it like working out on a surf board? The SEEN team tried a SurfSet class at the Beverly Hills Club to find out!

Founded in 2011 by professional hockey player Mike Hartwick, SurfSet is just like surfing, but off the water. Scientifically, surfing exercises everything needed to give you a lean body with well-defined muscles. Hartwick enjoyed surfing, so he founded SurfSet as a fun and innovative way to stay fit, even after the surfing season ended. To find out how it really works, the SEEN team tried it themselves. The consensus? SurfSet may be difficult, but it’s definitely worth trying. Go behind-the-scenes to watch SEEN’s experience.

Want to try SurfSet for yourself? The Beverly Hills Club is offering a special promotion for SEEN readers. Enjoy $0 enrollment fee, plus only pay half rate when you join on or before Jan. 31. Visit joinbhc.com or call 248-642-8500.

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