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Everything You Need to Know About Emsculpt

July 30, 2019

Dr. Elan Reisin of Star Plastic Surgery answers important questions about Emsculpt and how to get the best results.

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1. What exactly is Emsculpt? Emsculpt is the first FDA-approved modality that targets the muscles by using high frequency electromagnetic energy. The energy field stimulates involuntary muscle contraction of the entire abdominal wall or gluteal region. The end result is a more sculpted abdomen and a fuller, firmer and lifted buttocks

Emsculpt at Star Plastic Surgery

2. Who is Emsculpt best for and what are the typical results? Emsculpt is performed on people who have a desire to better shape, tone and sculpt their bodies. Typically, it is best performed on abdomens with less than 2 inches of pinch. There are two modes, one for muscle hypertrophy and hyperplasia with a side effect of fat reduction by lipolysis, and a second mode for only muscle hypertrophy and hyperplasia without fat reduction.

Four, 30-minute treatments, over a two-week period, produce a 19% reduction in the fat layer and 16% increase in the muscle layer of the abdominal wall. Each treatment is equivalent to 20,000 sit-ups or, in the gluteal area, 20,000 squats over 30 minutes. New paddles are coming soon for treating the calves, quads, hamstrings, biceps and triceps.

3. How frequently do you need to do Emsculpt to get the best results? Four treatments performed two to three days apart will give the best results. Results are immediate and continue to improve over the next 12 weeks.

Emsculpt at Star Plastic Surgery

4. Are there any side effects? What and how long? The intense, but not painful treatment has no side effects or tissue damage, except to the unwanted fat cells via programmed cell death and lipolysis. No scar is created in the tissue. No heat or cryo energy is involved.

5. What’s the best way to find out information? A free consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon at Star Plastic Surgery will help delineate what modality is best for you. The goals desired by the patient and the patient’s anatomical concerns need to be discussed and examined in order to have an optimal result.

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  • Jennifer Miller
    February 20, 2020 at 3:54 AM

    I’m excited to read in your article about the new pads for calves. I would love for my legs to look like my abs do since I started emsculpting. I get my cosmetic work done at SeaMist MedSpa in Rhode Island. I recently started my emsculpting sessions there. I did my third session yesterday and I’m already seeing the difference. I’ve worked hard to lose weight and stay fit, but emsculpting helps me maintain the appearance I want.

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