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Equinox’s Ultimate Running Tool

October 12, 2018

Equinox provides the Ultimate Running Tool to help aspiring and existing runners.

By Amy Gill

The Detroit Free Press/Chemical Bank Marathon is Michigan’s largest road race with over 26,000 participants registered across all of the weekend’s race events. This year’s events Oct. 20-21 are fast approaching, and it got me thinking about how intimidated I am by the thought of running a half-marathon. I was so inspired by our recent interview with Desiree Linden, the 2018 Boston Marathon winner and fellow Michigander, that I am determined to confront my fear.

Equinox, the luxury fitness club that recently broke ground in Bloomfield Hills, is known for training elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts. The company produces Furthermore, a digital magazine dedicated to providing Equinox members with science-backed information about fitness, nutrition and more. I checked it out and found a great microsite within the blog called the Ultimate Running Tool.

The Ultimate Running Tool is organized for different fitness goals: run fast, run long, get a stronger body, fuel properly, get inspired or join a group. From there, it directs you to articles, workouts and classes that can help you achieve your goal.

Since I am personally planning to run a half-marathon, I chose “Run Long” and found workouts to build endurance, cardio and more.

From there I went to “Get Inspired” and watched this video about running crews, which I happen to see several of every day when I drive to work. My eyes were opened to how important community is for runners.

The tool has a wealth of information that led me down the rabbit hole for at least an hour!

Check it out and comment below if you know of other great tools for runners. I will publish more articles throughout the year as I train, so please comment below if there are specific topics you want me to cover.

See you at the finish line.

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