20 Questions with Drybar Owner Erinn Moss

September 5, 2018

SEEN sat down with Erinn Moss, former “Survivor” contestant, philanthropist, business owner and mama to three boys. She tells us about opening Michigan’s first Drybar in Birmingham and her go-to hair style.

By Rachel Schostak

1. Tell us about your background? I am a former hairstylist, reality TV star, hockey wife, philanthropist, mom and business owner. My husband, Dave, recently retired after playing for a decade in the National Hockey League and then in Europe. It was an incredible adventure, but when he was done playing, we decided to get serious about life after hockey. We moved back to Michigan, had three boys — Hank, Owen and George — in three years, and have have started a business as well.

Erinn MossJenna Belevender for SEEN

2. What’s your current gig? I am the owner and operating partner of the newly opened Drybar Birmingham, a salon franchise that does no cuts, no colors, just blowouts.

Erinn MossJenna Belevender for SEEN
Erinn MossJenna Belevender for SEEN


3. What do you love about being a part of Drybar community? I have to say it has been great getting to know the women of Birmingham. I spend a lot of time not getting any work done because I love being behind the bar, just talking to our clients all day and hearing their stories. Every client I meet is more fascinating than the last. I also have the best staff. My stylists are so fun and cool, and I am convinced they will keep me young, even though I have a receptionist who often reminds me of our 20-year-age gap!

Erin MossJenna Belevender for SEEN

4. You were on season 18 of “Survivor.” What was that experience like? It was as physically and mentally challenging as you would expect, plus more. When the cameras stop rolling, the game doesn’t quit, neither do the elements and food doesn’t magically appear. It was harder than I ever imagined, but it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I did things I never dreamed I could and ultimately was the last woman standing, finishing in third place.

Erinn MossVia Erin Moss Instagram

5. Any life lessons you took away from that chapter? I was 26 years old at the time and truly in need of some life lessons. At that point, this was the most difficult thing I had ever done. That experience gave me great perspective that I still think about when faced with challenges today. When I was stripped of everything that we consider basic needs, I still rose above my own expectations. Now, you will often hear me say that an impossible sounding task is easy, and if you are like my husband you will roll your eyes, but you have to know that in a corner of my mind I am comparing whatever is in front of me to that crazy time I was starving, soggy, sunburned, skinny and sick and still came out on top.

6. Would you do reality TV again? What’s your current favorite show? I would actually do “Survivor” again in a second, though I have three very young children so I won’t be leaving them anytime soon. Dave and I still watch religiously, and he is fully convinced if we went on together he would outlast me. SPOILER ALERT: no chance.

7. You and your hubs have a charity called Hockey has Heart. Can you share more about that? Hockey has Heart existed long before we came a long, but we are lucky enough to be on the board and participate in the great work they do.The mission is a simple one: Hockey people helping hockey families in need. Most everyone involved in our sport knows that hockey is a small, tight knit community. Hockey has Heart was formed as a way to help others in the hockey community at any level of the sport: house, travel, high school, adult, college and professional. We step in any time a player faces severe adversity, a debilitating injury, illness, natural disaster, death in the family. When a catastrophe hits a member of the hockey community, our goal will be to help in whatever way we can, working quickly to raise funds and awareness to meet the needs of that player.

Erinn MossCourtesy of Front Room Photography

8. Seems like you define what it means to be a mompreneur. What is your secret to balance? Remember when I said I often will say an impossible task is easy? I have a barely 3-year-old, an almost 2-year-old and a 6-week-old baby. I opened my business nine weeks ago. For those of you doing the math, yes, I must be crazy, and, no, it most certainly isn’t easy, though I am pretty sure I said it would be ad nauseam. With a newborn and a new business there is no balance. I took five days off after having my son. It’s not something I am super proud of, and I often feel like I am cheating both the business and my kids. I am learning that sometimes done is better than perfect and constantly telling myself that this is a short time in our lives, that my kids won’t remember missing me at this age, and by the time I really need to be there for them, I will have that elusive balance figured out. The real secret though, is my husband. In both our business and at home, he shows up where I can’t and fills all the gaps and creates space for me to do whatever needs doing at that moment. His friends are calling him Mr. Mom, and I know there are days he’d rather be golfing, but there is exactly zero chance I could do this without his help. When he played hockey I put my career on hold to support his. I really thought I understood what the word support meant. Now, seeing everything he does just to help me get through each day, I realize just how little I knew and how lucky I am to have him.

Erinn MossCourtesy Babylove Photography

9. Who inspires you in the business world? I am a sucker for a good founder story. I have always been fascinated by the way an idea, something we have so many of every day, can turn in to millions and billions. I love when those founders are women too. Sara Blakely, Kendra Scott and obviously I have a bias here, but Alli Webb, the founder of Drybar, are so inspiring to me. I also can’t say enough great things about the operating partners of Drybar franchises around the country. It’s a bit of a badass babes club, such a motivating group of women from a myriad of business backgrounds, and I am so proud walk among them.

Now on to style…

10. Your go-to outfit? Skinny jeans, V-neck tee, leather jacket, no matter the occasion.

11. Three words to describe your style? Casual, cool, covered in spit up.

12.  Your go-to hair style? I try to get a Drybar “Straight Up” twice a week. Lots of volume and some bend at the ends. I like mine done with a brush set just in case we get busy and I can’t fit that second blowout in, then it’s really got to last!

13. Who inspires your style? Nobody dresses better than sports wives. I think it’s because we live out of suitcases for our husband’s entire careers, we are outfit efficient! Always a great mix of edgy, comfy and polished. I can spot them from miles away.

14. You’re never fully dressed without___ My wedding ring and my David Yurman hex cable earrings.

15. You can never leave home without? ALL OF THE THINGS. Wipes and cups, and diapers and trucks and monkey and giraffie and puppy…….and I need to be hands-free. I swapped my fancy diaper bag for a Rebecca Minkoff leather backpack early on, never looked back. It has traveled the world with us and still looks new.

16. Your go-to jam? Or currently on your playlist? “Lido Shuffle” by Boz Scaggs on repeat. So random. but my boys are obsessed.

Your Local Love List…

17. When not working, we can find you? At a hockey rink. Always a hockey rink. This past winter we loved the outdoor rink at Campus Martius, and everyone always loves seeing my tiny guys tooling around on skates like pros.

Erinn MossVia Erinn Moss Instagram

18. Current go-to spot for date night? Sometimes date night means breakfast, on a Wednesday, with our kids. We love Toasted Oak in Novi, it still feels like we are having a relaxing adult meal in a cool place even if we have the littles with us.

Toasted Oak Grill & MarketViviana Pernot for SEEN

Toasted Oak at the Renaissance Hotel in Novi.

19. What are some of your favorite places to shop local? White Birch in Birmingham for elevated basics. Caruso Caruso for denim.


20. Words to live by or favorite quote? “Dreams only work if you do.”

Visit drybar.com to book your appointment in the new Birmingham location. Type SEENPromo in the comments to get $10 off your blowout.

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