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Detroit Country Day School Brings on Imad Zahr

October 21, 2021

Meet Imad Zahr, the new Director of Enrollment Management and Financial Aid for Detroit Country Day School.

By Kim Kisner
Sponsored by Detroit Country Day School

Since moving to Michigan from the country of Jordan on June 29, Imad Zahr has spent the better part of his days opening his doors and meeting people. He has dedicated endless hours to speaking with families in and around the community of Detroit Country Day School.

His motive? He’s driven to gain insights and feedback to facilitate success in his new role as the Director of Enrollment Management and Financial Aid for the school. As such, he looks forward to enriching the application and enrollment processes and progressing the cultivation of a diverse and strong student body going forward.

At the moment he’s most excited to finally get to know what he calls the “gems of the school” – the students. “As we dive into the school year, I’m so looking forward to getting to know the students and their families, and becoming fully entrenched in this wonderful community,” he says.

Zahr came from 11 years at Kings Academy in Jordan, most recently serving as the Director of Admissions, to Michigan with his wife and two children and hit the ground running in his new role on July 1.

In this role, Zahr will oversee admissions and enrollment for the Lower, Middle and Upper Divisions, previously managed separately by each of the three Division Directors.

We welcome any family who has interest to come in speak to us. Walk the halls. Explore our philosophies and culture.

“This is such a unique opportunity to build a single, centralized admissions system and the associated protocols for all three Divisions,” says Zahr. “I’ll be working toward gaining efficiencies and offering parents and students greater value and a stronger experience from the start.”

When asked what inspired him to relocate his family and take on this new position he said, “I am compelled by the mission of Country Day school, the commitment to each student’s growth, the allegiance to diversity and inclusion and the beauty of a fully integrated community that shares the values of sound mind and sound body.”

He also voiced his excitement in connecting with students and their parents. “Coming from a boarding school, I had less interaction with the parents and less engagement with families as a whole, and I welcome that and look forward to it.”

Zahr also has a love for sports and sees himself being in the stands and on the sidelines often. “Country Day has such a strong reputation and such rich traditions when it comes to athletics, and that’s exciting to me personally, as a father and now as part of the faculty and community,” he says.

His timing in joining Country Day aligns with the launch of a new Admissions Center, which he says is “open for business.”. “We welcome any family who has interest to come in speak to us. Walk the halls. Explore our philosophies and culture.” He adds “please – begin the process early as we don’t want any family to miss an opportunity if interested.”

Zahr will share the community with his family and his time within school walls with his children as well. “It is my great privilege to welcome my two children to Country Day this year,” he says, “I can’t imagine a better environment for them to learn and grow, and for me to develop as a professional.”

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