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Dessislava Terzieva: An Emerging Artist SEEN in Detroit

May 29, 2018

Dessislava Terzieva founded a clothing line called *Paid actor that uses recycled apparel and fabrics. She tells SEEN about making wearable art.

By Stephanie Steinberg

Photography by Justin Milhouse

Name: Dessislava Terzieva

Age: 28

City: Detroit

Hometown: Sofia, Bulgaria

1. How long have you been in Detroit or Metro Detroit?

20 years

2. How would you describe yourself in a sentence?

I wouldn’t 🙂

3. What age did you start doing art?

I have always been creative.

4. What medium do you typically work with?

Collage — the combination of pre-existing elements to create entirely new realities and narratives in 2D, 3D and wearable formats.

5. How would you describe your artwork?

Conceptually led and aesthetically correct.

Dessislava Terzieva

6. Where do you find inspiration?

In the infinite ways there is to be a human.

7. What’s it like being an artist in Detroit?

Convenient due to accessibility to space and materials, and frustrating due to the lack of a market.

8. What’s one of your favorite pieces you’ve made?

The one I make tomorrow, followed by the next.

9. Tell us about your clothing line called *Paid actor.

It is composed of wearable sculptures, which are made entirely of recycled apparel and fabrics. Given that my background is in political science and law (I took a detour and ended up in the world of art and fashion — where my heart feels free) it is my way of making a stance against fast fashion and the absolute horror the industry causes to our planet (second dirtiest industry after oil).

10. Who’s one of your favorite artists?

David Hammons

11. Where can we find your work?

Visit my website dessislava.xyz, or paid.actor.com or @paid.actor on Instagram.

12. Do you have any upcoming shows?

Yes. Follow me on Instagram at @de_ssi_sla_va to stay up to date.

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