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Cronin Law Firm Founder Aims to Make Co-Parenting Easier with Virtual Classes Beginning Sept. 29

September 28, 2020

Attorney Sabrina Shaheen Cronin helps families struggling through divorce with virtual classes on how to navigate co-parenting

By Stephanie Angelyn Casola

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Sabrina Shaheen Cronin saw a need for families struggling through divorce and co-parenting responsibilities. As a single mother of three and family law attorney, she knew first-hand the importance of protecting children through these experiences and she sought ways to make positive change.

“I wish people were kinder,” says Cronin, founder and managing partner of the Bloomfield Hills-based Cronin Law Firm. “I know it sounds idealistic. That’s just who I am. I want to make a positive difference.”

Cronin started her firm 8 years ago and now employs 20 professionals and support staff, who possess a broad range of specialties.

Once the pandemic began, in-person events were no longer feasible, but Cronin wanted to continue to connect with the community in a helpful way. She developed a series on Facebook Live called The Cronin Challenge2Change. What began as a way to share co-parenting insight and up-to-date COVID-19 information for families, evolved into a beacon of hope to all those who tune in.

Sabrina Shaheen Cronin of Cronin Law Firm

Cronin has interviewed over 40 guests, including Detroit Police Chief James Craig, Fox 2 Detroit’s Taryn Asher, Oakland County Epidemiologist Kayleigh Blaney and more. The inspiration from these stories captured an audience.

Since January, she had been planning for a live event that would educate divorced attendees on being a better co-parent. The success of The Cronin Challenge2Change encouraged her to translate those plans to a virtual course she would open to the public as well.

“In my line of work, I have seen such bitterness, hatred and animosity – and it’s so disheartening,” Cronin says. “For children, it’s very, very damaging. Parents get too caught up in their own feelings. I’ve been there myself. It’s not easy to do the right thing when someone has hurt you so badly. It’s so hard to go outside of yourself and act in the best interest of the children.”

Cronin understands the importance of mindful co-parenting and hopes to guide others through the challenges they face.

Sabrina Shaheen Cronin of Cronin Law Firm

“[Co-parenting] requires nothing less than an Oscar-worthy performance,” she admits. “It’s a fake-it-till-you-make-it situation. And if you don’t try, the children suffer. They can become anxious or depressed, inflict self harm, and often have suicidal ideations. Both parents have to be mindful and work together.”

Such concerns have been on Cronin’s radar for years. Her firm handles many cases where divorce stems from abusive behavior. During the pandemic, she’s seen even more of these high-conflict divorces and custody battles. To that end, Cronin is developing a four-week virtual course called Co-Parenting in A Minefield? Learn How to Diffuse Explosive Behavior. Registration is open to all by calling 248-639-9928 and the course begins Tuesday, Sept. 29. The course will be live and taped, available to those who register.

Sabrina Shaheen Cronin of Cronin Law Firm

A second virtual class is also planned. Thinking About Divorce? What You Really Need to Know deals with the details of divorce we don’t often consider until it’s too late. This course will be held from 6-9 p.m. Friday, Oct. 2. Call 248-639-9928 to register.

Additionally, Cronin is offering several different options and opportunities to become the best version of your co-parenting self! From one-on-one coaching, to group classes and workshops, there is surely something for everyone looking to challenge him or herself to change.

“It’s important for people to be fully informed,’” says Cronin. “With knowledge comes power and better decisions and therefore, actions, can be made.”

The team at The Cronin Law Firm handles all aspects of family, business litigation, estate planning, and personal injury. For more information about Cronin Law Firm services, call 248-258-3500 or visit www.croninlawfirm.com.

To register for the new virtual courses focused on co-parenting or divorce preparation, please call 248-639-9928.

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