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The Craft Beer Connoisseur: 8 Degrees Plato, A Bottle Shop Heaven

July 17, 2019

SEEN introduces a new craft beer blog to share hidden gems and breweries you have to try in Metro Detroit. First up: 8 Degrees Plato in Midtown.

By Ryan Cauley

Featured photo via 8 Degrees Plato

For the craft beer enthusiasts, we are introducing a new craft beer column on seenthemgazine.com. I’ll be delivering you reviews and breakdowns of anything and everything regarding Michigan craft beer — breweries, taprooms, bottle shops and, of course, beer. I know you’re just as excited as me, so let’s dive right in.

To go along with SEEN’s July wine, beer and spirits theme, I want to take you all to a place on Cass Avenue called 8 Degrees Plato. The bottle shop offers bottled and canned bear as well as a bar for draft beer or to-go growlers. So a bottle shop isn’t necessarily a new idea; however, what 8 Degrees Plato offers is sort of a new idea.

For my wife and I, 8 Degrees Plato is typically an hour-long experience. For beer nerds, this isn’t unheard of, but at most shops you typically see the same selection of craft beers so you’re in and out. Not at 8 Plato.

8 Degrees Plato Beers on ShelfVia 8 Degrees Plato Facebook

When you walk in you’ll notice the front half of this heaven is dedicated to many different and uncommon beers from here in Michigan to across the country. Accompanying their vast knowledge of uncommon beers is a very nice wine selection, as well as crisp refreshing ciders and meads. Now, you’re going to get distracted by the front half of heaven, and trust me, I get it.  You walk in and immediately get an industrial steampunk sort of vibe and then racks of beer.

Listen and listen closely. This isn’t a technique my wife and I have attempted just yet, but I think it will be something that may help maximize your visit. So, when you walk in, ignore the beer fridge, ignore the cute dog (return later for a pet, of course), and head straight to the back, where you’ll discover a little secret called BEERS ON TAP. Not just any beers, uncommon beers. Beers you only see on Instagram, because like me, you search beers on the gram and, also like me, you wish you could drink them. Right? Right.

8 Degrees PlatoRyan Cauley for SEEN

Now, once you have your beer in hand, it is at this moment when you begin your beer, wine, cider and mead perusing. Take your time, sip your beer — pet the good boy you selfishly passed in front heaven. Maybe grab a bag of chips from Detroit Friends Potato Chips. What I love most about 8 Degrees Plato is their clear appreciation of Detroit and Michigan small business. When you’re done perusing you can sit at the bar or find a seat at one of the picnic tables.

8 Degrees Plato is obviously a place to find rare beer, but it’s also a great place to enjoy a different drinking experience. Make sure to check out their website and social media accounts to find out about upcoming events and specials.

Ryan Cauley

Ryan Cauley grew up in Pendleton, Indiana, and moved to Detroit in 2010. He served in the Army for four years with the 101st Airborne. He’s been drinking the sweet craft beer nectar since he was legally allowed (wink, wink), with a little-known IPA called Two Hearted Ale. Two of his favorite breweries are Homes in Ann Arbor and Ascension in Novi. You can follow his craft beer journey at @wizcrafts on Instagram. 

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