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Coronavirus Hacks: 5 Easy Ways to Make a Positive Difference

March 13, 2020

From shopping local to tipping extra, a few small ways you can help your community during these trying times

By Nicole Frehsee Mazur

With the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Michigan on the rise — at the time of this reporting, there were 12 — the world may feel like it’s coming to an end. Here, a few small ways to inject some positivity into an otherwise dark situation.

Be a personal shopper

People older than 80 are most susceptible to severe illness if they contract coronavirus. Given their outsized risk, many are opting to stay home rather than brave crowded spots like the supermarket, the pharmacy, etc. If you have older relatives, friends or neighbors, offer to run errands on their behalf: Make a grocery run, pick up any necessary prescriptions or grab their dry cleaning.

Buy local

This is a scary time for small businesses, so if you can, support local establishments. Instead of going to Target for that tube of toothpaste, for example, hit up your neighborhood drugstore. Need a drink? (You’re not alone.) Grab a bottle of Michigan-made booze. And so on.

Eat direct

If you’re skipping restaurants in favor of carrying in, order directly from your restaurant of choice versus using a delivery service. That ensures more money goes to the business itself. And tip extra if you can — it helps your delivery-person, who may not have any other choice but to go to work.

Don’t bogart the toilet paper

We’re looking at you, guy with eight packages of Charmin in your shopping cart. Get the supplies that you and your family need, then leave the rest for others.

Be kind

It’s totally normal to feel anxious and stressed about everything surrounding coronavirus. It sounds trivial, but in these trying times, a simple smile or can go a long way. (Bonus points if you offer to Lysol a fellow shopper’s cart at Kroger, as one woman did for SEEN’s creative director.)

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