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20 Questions with Cookier Emily Tashjian

June 8, 2018

SEEN had fun learning about custom cookie designs from “cookier” Emily Tashjian, founder of Crumble Catering Co. in Berkley. Read about her cookie making process, inspiration for designs and how she got started in the baking business.

By Julia Heppard

1. How did you get started in the cookie business? It was a totally random situation. I’ve always been a baker, so my friends trust me to take care of the desserts in any situation. A friend asked if I could make themed sugar cookies for our friend’s bachelorette party back in 2015. I agreed, not knowing the challenge it would bring, and also not knowing the amazing response I’d get from all the girls over the weekend. That summer, I started getting more orders from family, friends, mutual friends. Fast-forward three years, and it has become my full-time job!

Crumble Catering Co.Jordyn Popour of Pixel and Pine Photography

2. Do you have a storefront? I do not. I operate out of a commercial kitchen.

3. You say you are self-taught. How did you teach yourself to bake? I’ve always loved baking as a hobby growing up, but never thought it would become my career. I never went to pastry school or anything of that nature. For cookies, there are tons of amazing bloggers and Instagram accounts that have paved the way for “cookiers” like myself. I started watching tutorials from time to time, and every photo I scroll past is such a constant inspiration.

4. What do you love most about your business? I love that I can be in control of the product I’m serving and the freedom that comes along with it.

5. Favorite cookie design you’ve done? That’s such a hard question! There is such a variety of cookie themes, from bridal, to baby, to seasonal, and the list goes on! I think a few baby shower sets have stolen my heart more than any others. I’m such a sucker for that whimsical vibe and a soft palette!

Crumble Catering Co.

6. What other cookies do you make besides your signature sugar cookie? I focus on custom decorated sugar cookies on the business end, but personally, I love a classic chocolate chip cookie!

7. What events are you working on cookie orders for right now? June is crazy for all things wedding, graduation and summer, so those are some themes I’ve got going on.

8. Do clients come up with custom designs or do you make them up for them? It’s half and half. Customers often know exactly what theme they have in mind, so I’ll draw inspiration from any of their decor or their invitation.

9. Where do you get inspiration? Any decor, invitation, Pinterest theme boards, etc. There are some pretty amazing cookiers out there where I might get inspiration from, as well — the baking community is so fun to be part of!

Crumble Catering Co.Jordyn Popour of Pixel and Pine Photography

10. Favorite restaurant in Metro Detroit? Also a very tough question! I’m a foodie of sorts and love trying the hot new spots! My husband and I usually end up in Ferndale, and a couple of our favorites are Public House and Voyager.

11. Do you have social networks for your business? Couldn’t function without them! My instagram is @crumblecateringco, and my Facebook business page is directly linked to it.

12. Do you put images on your cookies, or are they all by hand? All custom designed and hand-decorated.

13. Just baking? Or do you cook as well? I love to cook when I have a free minute! I grew up watching the Food Network, so I’ve absorbed all the Giada, Rachael and Bobby I possibly could.

14. Most unique cookie order you’ve ever filled? One bachelorette party order was pretty funny; the bride to be was a health blogger, and was also in love with Jack Pearson from “This is Us,” so the cookie set was made up of veggies and a sketch of Jack Pearson.

Crumble Catering Co.

15. Favorite quote? In terms of being a business owner, I resonate a lot with, “Never measure your success with someone else’s ruler.” Competition can be fierce, or it can be as friendly as you want it to be. Everyone is at their own stage in their personal and professional lives, so it’s important to focus on your personal milestones instead of comparing yourself to others.

16. If you could go anywhere for free right now where would you go and why? Greece all the way! The dreamy landscape gives me heart eyes!

17. I’ve always wondered, how hard is it to not eat cookies all day long?! When you eat, sleep and breath cookies, it’s the last thing you want to indulge in! But I do have my moments of weakness. 🙂

Crumble Catering Co.Jordyn Popour of Pixel and Pine Photography

18. From what age did you know this is what you wanted to do? Since I was a little girl, I was always propped up on a stool by the counter making cookies, banana bread, from-scratch pancakes, cakes and the list goes on. It’s always been my passion, but I just never knew how it would end up playing out for me as a career.

19. Do you have employees helping you or is it all you?​ I currently have one employee and am hoping to expand much more within the next year.

20. Favorite thing to do at your job day to day? I love doing cool script and other fonts on cookies — something about it is so therapeutic and relaxing. As I’m working, I’ve gotten really into podcasts like “How I Built This” and “Someone Knows Something” (just to name a couple).

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