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Blowouts: The New Self-Care Exercise

January 25, 2019

Alexa Williams of findingyourmuse.com says visiting Drybar in Birmingham is the best way to enjoy a little ‘me time.’

By Alexa Williams

Photography by Erin Kirkland

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Being a business woman constantly on the go means my time for pampering has completely shifted.

So having an evening to myself to get a hair makeover was such a treat! I felt like I really needed a change and day of pampering myself after work with a glass of Champagne, relaxing vibes and the premium salon experience.

Drybar Birmingham

My typical hair care routine consists of a weekly wash, deep condition or moisturizer, blow dry and flat iron. Most days I rarely have time to curl my hair in the morning, so I throw it in a bun at night and let it down when I wake up.

I went to Drybar in Birmingham to spruce up my look with a fresh blowout. Still in need to catch up on emails, calls and work for the day, I loved that Drybar had me in and out within 45 minutes. That’s a wash, a dry and a style.

For many of us women, the traditional salon experience consists of overpaying and spending most of our day under a dryer. The Drybar blowout experience is unlike any other due to their dedication to over-the-top customer service and obsessive attention to every detail. And that attention to detail is applied to everything they do — from your finished hair look to the custom Italian chairs you’ll sit in at the new Birmingham venue.

Drybar Birmingham

I’ve been loving beach wavy hair and even attempted to do it at home (let’s just say it didn’t turn out salon-pretty). The Mai Tai is Drybar’s signature messy, beachy look. This effortless look is perfect for work meetings, hanging out with friends or date night. I learned about more of their signature styles and how often to apply heat to my hair. My stylist was extremely helpful and can work magic with the curling iron.

It’s amazing how something as simple as a blowout has become a self-care exercise for me. Keeping up my hair care routine, just like keeping up my skin care routine, is the perfect way for me to have a little bit of ‘me time’ even it’s just for 45 minutes.


137 W. Maple Road. Birmingham

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