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Beyond Basics 20th Anniversary Gala at the DAC

March 4, 2019

Beyond Basics kicks off National Reading Month with its 20th anniversary Coming Together for Children Gala.

Photography by Sacred Overstreet-Amos

Beyond Basics celebrates 20 years of success changing the lives of students in Detroit. On March 1, the nonprofit Beyond Basics celebrated National Reading Month with its Coming Together for Children Gala to raise funds for literacy programs. Beyond Basics celebrated influential supporters in the community with an award ceremony at the Detroit Athletic Club. The Literacy Chair Award was present to Judge Geno Salomone of Taylor. Partner of the Year was awarded to David Farbman on behalf of the Farbman Group, and the Volunteer of the Year Awards went to Susan Wilhelm of Birmingham and Susan Galambos of Bloomfield Hills. Beyond Basics raised over $300,000 from the event.

See photos in the gallery above.

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