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The Best-Kept Secret to Great Skin: Aloria Skincare & Laser Center

November 28, 2019

Aloria Skincare and Laser Center offers the latest techniques and advancements in skincare, eyebrow treatments and more.

By Andrea Walker-Leidy

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Every woman has her beauty “secret”: The secret to smoother skin. The secret to the perfect eyebrows. The secret to preventing wrinkles. For thousands of women, though, that secret is Yvonne Gevargesian, founder and CEO of Aloria Skincare & Laser Center.

Gevargesian has been in the skincare and esthetic industry for more than 21 years. Her medspa, truly a family business, is named after her daughter, Aloria.

Now, along with her team of experts, which includes a registered nurse and medical director, Gevargesian offers the latest techniques and advancements in microblading, electrolysis, permanent make-up, facials, laser hair removal, microneedling, Botox, facial injectables and much more.

“When it comes to your face, you want the best,” Gevargesian says. “We believe beauty is from the inside out. Our entire team works as one to ensure every client has exactly what they need to feel their best, and also what is best for them.”

Gevargesian has performed more than 10,000 microblading procedures on all kinds of clients, from those with no hair at all to those with full brows. She’s worked on people from all over the country, including Miss Michigan, whose eyebrows she’s done since 2015. (Gevargesian’s company, Aloria Skincare, Inc., is currently a sponsor of Miss Michigan, Miss Ohio and Miss Kentucky.) Gevargesian, who currently has a two-year waiting list, says working on cancer and Alopecia patients has been especially rewarding.

Gevargesian got her start as an esthetician, electrologist and laser technician, eventually becoming the first microblader in Michigan and one of the first in the country. With her extensive knowledge, she successfully built much of the microblading industry. Through her business, Gevargesian has gained more than 80,000 followers on social media and has been featured by influencers including HudaBeauty.

Now a master trainer for the microblading-focused Beauty Angels Academy, Gevargesian has inspired many people to learn the art of microblading. She is excited to share her knowledge, experience and passion for microblading with each and every one of her students.

“Both myself and my team continue our education with the latest techniques and machines out there,” Gevargesian says. “We welcome new clients to come in for a consultation to find out how we can be the answer to all of their skincare.”

Whether a client is seeking solutions for acne or looking to slow the hands of time with age-fighting treatments, Aloria Skincare offers the services needed to take on even the toughest challenges and leave clients with incredible results.

“Our services and expertise have always been our only form of advertising. When you see a woman who is thrilled with the way she looks, she tells her friends!” Gevargesian says. “Our referrals come from happy clients, plastic surgeons and other doctors in the area. We take those referrals as the best compliment.”

The center offers two locations in West Bloomfield and Troy, and is currently looking to expand to reach more clients in Macomb County. Both offices are welcoming and professional.

“We are a team and our clients are family,” said Gevargesian. “That means you may see me answering the phone or see our receptionist playing with a client’s little ones while she has her procedure done. When you’re committed to making each experience the best, you do whatever you need to make sure that happens!”

Aloria Skincare & Laser Center

Locations in West Bloomfield and Troy. See aloriaskincarespa.com for more information.

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