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5 Must-Try Coffee Shops in Downtown Detroit

September 19, 2019

When visiting the heart of Detroit, coffee connoisseurs should make a stop at these local shops.

Story and photography by Hanan Azom

As the autumn breeze returns, there are only a few things that will get you out of that cozy blanket and into the city. One being your daily caffeine fix. When the mornings are chilly and the skies are foggy, a warm cup of joe will instantly make your day. Ever since I became a college student, this has become the best part of my morning routine. Going to school in downtown Detroit has allowed me to explore the great local businesses the city has to offer. I’m especially fond of the nearby coffee spots that not only concoct delicious lattes, but also provide a space to gather, write and create.

Detroit is a place where art and entrepreneurship thrive. Whether you are people watching at Campus Martius or attending a concert at Little Caesars Arena, you will certainly discover the city’s rich history and culture through a variety of art on display.

I am always looking for a new spot to caffeinate as I navigate my way through the city. Coffee shops are the ideal place for meetings, to catch up with old friends or even a date with your favorite book. Not to mention, they are perfect for that Instagram shot. Whether it be the interior design details or the calming vibes from the barista, every place I have visited has inspired me in some way.

Though there is an influx of franchises and local coffee shops surrounding the city, these carefully selected spots in downtown Detroit will surely be the perfect start to your day. If you are an avid coffee connoisseur like myself, the following will certainly meet your caffeine needs.

Populace Coffee

1509 Broadway St., Detroit

First, we have Populace Coffee. Populace is located in the Siren Hotel, a boutique hotel in Downtown Detroit. Apart from the deliciously bold coffee, I thoroughly enjoy the sublime ambiance and intricate design details. The shop’s vintage flare makes it a unique spot for quick meetings or study sessions. Populace also serves an array of pastries from local bakeries, including my personal favorite, Sister Pie.

Drink to try: Honey maple latte — a local, seasonal favorite.

Ashe Supply Co.

1555 Broadway St. Detroit

Next on the list: Ashe Supply Co. This industrial, trendy Broadway shop is known for refining the basics. Along with some classic flavors, Ashe Supply Co. offers a unique menu that includes drinks like the blue root latte pictured at the top.

Drink to try: Classic milk latte foamed to perfection.

Urban Bean Co.

200 Grand River Ave., Detroit

Urban Bean Co. resides in a corner building on the outskirts of Capitol Park. Although there seems to be a roasting spot at every corner, Urban Bean’s unique, nostalgic style stands out! If you are looking for a fun, elevated space, this retro coffee shop is the place to be.

Drink to try: Caramel latte with coconut milk.

Madcap Coffee

1413 Farmer St., Detroit

Madcap Coffee has made its way to downtown Detroit! Hailing from Grand Rapids, this modern style shop serves bold coffee and stunning city views. Whether you are on the go, in between meetings or shopping at local boutiques, Madcap Coffee is the ideal spot for quick service.

Drink to try: Vanilla latte to-go, of course.

Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters

1220 Griswold St., Detroit

And finally, Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters. This Capitol Park gem is a rustic-style roasting spot that specializes in serving a variety of latte flavors, pastries and dessert items — all within an uplifting atmosphere. Dessert Oasis is a spacious, work-friendly environment that has different seating arrangements to meet your individual needs. And when the workday is over, spend your evenings here watching live musical performances by local artists. It is every coffee lover’s dream.

Drink to try: Rose latte — a frothy, floral-infused dream.

Hanan Azom is a visual artist and aspiring marketing strategist. Currently, she is pursuing a bachelor’s of science in business marketing at the Wayne State University Mike Ilitch School of Business. Alongside her academic aspirations, Hanan is a passionate content developer with a keen eye for aesthetics and innovative concepts. 

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