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The Best Ballpark Food For 2017 at Comerica Park

June 1, 2017

Comerica Park Foodie Destinations: Buy me some peanuts and … Hawaiian Dogs! 

While most ballparks have plenty of peanuts, hot dogs and, of course, cold beer, Comerica Park goes far beyond these basic concessions.

Vice President of Operations Robert Thormeier sits down each year with a group of experts to decide which menu items to keep and toss. Thormeier and his team like to call this “menu engineering.”

“It’s the process of looking at the menu and deciding what is driving the business,” Thormeier explains. Strong sellers are coined “a horse” and are kept on the menu. Dishes that aren’t contributing to significant sales growth are known as “dogs” and are typically replaced.

“We have our staples, but we’re always trying out new items — we want new, fresh and local,” Thormeier says.

Mark Szubeczak has held the title of executive chef since 2002, and he helps turn food brainstorming sessions into reality. Featured delicacies this season range from Coney Deep-Dish Pizza at Little Caesars to a fresh shawarma stand.

For fans who are serious about finding the best eats at the ballpark this season, Neighborhood SEEN has you covered.

  1. Shawarma, Shawarma and MORE Shawarma

Middle Eastern cuisine has finally arrived at Comerica! Chicken shawarma is the star of this stand-alone food stand and can be tossed into a crisp salad, wrapped up in warm pita bread or piled on top of the “Shawarma Nachos.”

The nachos are perfect for hungry visitors eager for something filling, yet aren’t a serious diet-buster. The nachos feature toasted pita chips topped with lettuce, tomato, diced pickles, garlic sauce, hummus and fattoush dressing, and it just may be your new favorite snack this year.

  1. Dive into Little Caesar’s Coney Deep-Dish Pizza

Hungry eaters looking to expand their pizza horizons can sample this highly talked-about deep-dish pizza, found only at Comerica Park. This outrageous pie features Ballpark Franks, mustard, onions and cheese, with a savory beanless chili sauce as the base. A tribute to one of Detroit’s most well-known dishes, Szubeczak knocked it out of the ballpark this year with this fun creation!

  1. Kickin’ it at the Corner Taproom (Section 115)

This spot is a casual sit-down restaurant offering a medley of gourmet eats. The menu changes monthly, so frequenters won’t grow tired of the same old, same old.

The Corner Taproom is famous for its buttermilk-battered chicken strips, which are battered by hand. But there’s more than just bar-style food — the taproom also specializes in salads, including fattoush and Greek varieties, as well as a refreshing ahi tuna sandwich or shaved turkey wrap.

Best of all, there’s no shortage of craft beers. Currently on tap are favorites like Founders KBS, Kuhnhenn DRIPA and Dark Horse Raspberry Ale. Take a sip, take a seat, relax and enjoy!

  1. Pitchers, Pints and More at the Miller Lite Pitcher’s Pub (Section 104)

The newly renovated Miller Lite Pitcher’s Pub is the coolest new hangout at Comerica. There’s nothing better than grabbing a beer and a bite to eat while remaining in close view of all the game-time action.

The menu items are named after famous pitching styles, such as the “fastball” and the “two-seamer.” The menu is short and sweet, featuring sliders, pretzels with Blue Moon queso and a burger with pulled pork, onion straws and zesty jalapeno peppers, known as “the jerk.”

The Pitcher’s Pub has a solid food lineup, and its beverage selection isn’t too shabby, either. Visitors can select from a variety of 20-ounce drafts, cans or bottles, along with 6- or 9-ounce wine pours for the vino drinkers. There’s no better seat in the house to watch the game and enjoy a perfect mid-inning snack.

  1. Catch Me at the Big Cat Court

The epic food court at Comerica Park has a wide array of grab n’ go snacks, sandwiches and ethnic eats. The latest must-have entrees include a traditional Cuban sandwich and a Hawaiian-style hot dog, topped with bacon, pineapple, jalapeno BBQ sauce and pickled red onion.

For dessert, there’s no shortage of Dippin’ Dots, elephant ears and candied almonds, but the brand new deep-fried Snickers bar is becoming a popular treat. Make sure to grab one at the State Fair stand for some
well-deserved indulgence. NS

Comerica Park rolls out some crafty concessions in 2017.

To get a look at fans’ favorite ballpark snacks, check out the Detroit Tigers Instagram @tigers, or follow them on Snapchat.

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