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Benny Spielmann is Stone Cold Awesome

December 4, 2017

Benny Spielmann is about to open a new 51,000 square foot CIOT gallery and showroom in Troy, featuring the most beautiful stones and slabs from over 30 countries. 

Photos by Brett Mountain

Dark blue-black granite quarried from the mountains in the Amazons. Cream-colored limestone from France, like the exterior of the Louvre and the Palace of Versailles. Bright white sparkling rock from the Holy Land, like the interiors of the Church of the Nativity. These are just some of the 11,000 natural stone and engineered stone slabs that await Metro Detroiters when CIOT opens its new 51,000-foot gallery and showroom in Troy in late spring next year.

Benny Spielmann


“It’s going to be state-of-the-art — the biggest, most luxurious stone gallery in the Midwest,” CIOT owner Benny Spielmann said.

Spielmann says design consultants and showroom representatives will be on hand to assist customers, from homeowners renovating their kitchen for the first time who want to match new surfaces with old cabinets to architects designing upscale hospitality or residential spaces.

“We’re a well-rounded company that can cater to about any project or any scale,” he said.

Interior design representatives will also be available to assist with decorating needs, from homeowners furnishing residential homes to real estate companies outfitting model homes or apartments for sale.

“It will be open to the public to come and visit and make their selections,” Spielmann said. “It will also serve the design, kitchen and bath and architectural communities.”

If the vast selection of building and design materials from at least 30 countries doesn’t distinguish the new space, Spielmann says its ability to bring the showroom and gallery to clients outside of the city will.

“We ship samples all over the U.S. and even outside the U.S.,” Spielmann said. “We have a robust sample department that will send every piece to almost every destination.”

But for locals who want to wander among marble quarried and imported from Italy, like the stone used to build the Vatican, Spielmann said a trip to the brick-and-mortar showroom located in Troy across the street from its original Coolidge Highway location is warranted. The new showroom will be equipped with “state-of-the-art technology that helps clients pick the perfect match.

“The opportunity to see surfaces and slabs in an environment with the right kind of lighting that imitates the environment where products will go, is crucial,” Spielmann said. “You can go to a lot, look at a material and if the lighting is not there, the material will look completely different when you take it home.”

If Spielmann sounds like a perfectionist when it comes to this stuff, it’s because he is.  He was trained as an architect at Tel Aviv University and has traveled the world garnering ideas for materials and designs for projects. Projects like the One57 upscale residential apartments in New York City and the W Hotel in Miami have helped make his company synonymous with excellence.

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But through it all, Spielmann said CIOT has always remained loyal to Metro Detroiters. “We’ve been working on several projects with Bedrock in Detroit,” Spielmann said. “We worked on renovating the Vinton Building into a high-end, residential multi-unit apartment complex. We’re also working on a big project in Brush Park.”

Spielmann said his company will be working on designing the new Shinola Hotel in the upcoming months while continuing to work on historical synagogue and church renovations throughout the city. In the meantime, Spielmann is working on opening the new showroom and gallery, so homeowners can share in the artistry and excitement, one kitchen, bath or bedroom at a time.

1080 Coolidge Hwy., Troy
(248) 288-8888


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