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Auto Show Glam

December 29, 2014
Look great during this month’s party circuit.
By Susan Peck

Most of us will agree nothing lights up our city with glitz and glamour like the annual North American International Auto Show. We’re in the world’s spotlight, taking center stage for a few exciting weeks in January, and spectacular parties and celebrations are going on all month long.

It’s where the automotive and fashion worlds meet, and they inspire and arouse one another to create an energy that makes the Motor City come alive. It’s also a chance to capture some of the excitement in town, and instead of reaching for your everyday beauty staples, get an ultra- glam makeover that will steal the show.

To give us some motivation, artistic teams at Todd’s Room and Luigi Bruni Salon, both in downtown Birmingham, created dazzling looks to help jump-start our January beauty transformations.

Get The Look You Want

The Luigi Bruni Salon team drew inspiration from design and color palettes of the new 2015 Cadillac ATS and CTS and brought to life a bold cinematic look that’s futuristic, rebellious and positively outside of the box.

“Whether it’s fashion or the automotive industry, it’s all the same,” explained salon owner Luigi Bruni. “You have to go outside of the norm. All new ideas come when you’re taking a risk and doing something fresh and different. That’s what’s exciting. What we did with the models today was supposed to be provocative and to make people react. “

Luigi Bruni Salon makeup artist Haley Cassar used all of the on-point trends for 2015 — deep, rich berry and plum colors for lips and cheeks, and powder for glossy and glowing skin, “the more luminescent the better,” Cassar said.

Hair fashions were styled edgy and dramatic, for those who like turning all heads when they enter the party.

Totally switching gears, Todd’s Room worked off of specs from the new 2015 Jaguar XF, creating a classic look with just the right dose of attitude. Todd’s Room owner, Todd Skog, and his team designed a look with glamorous cascading barreled curls and elegant but not understated makeup, complete with full lashes and rich burgundy lips and nails. They finished it off with the perfect statement piece necklace and earrings to help light up the night.

“When women come to us, I like to say we’re polishing the pearl … taking what you have and making you the best and most glamorous version of yourself,” Skog said.

Trends For 2015

Both beauty camps agree that for 2015 there are two huge trends you may want to embrace for your big night out — perfect brows and big hair.

Todd’s Room makeup artist Jessica Hayes says brows are everything. “You can’t have a finished face if your brows aren’t perfectly arched and defined. You can do everything else right, but if you don’t have a finished brow, it will take away from the great look you’re trying to achieve,” she said.

And just when you thought it was gone forever, big hair is back. “It’s true. It’s on trend for 2015,” Skog said. “It’s full but still sexy and soft, and back-combing is returning, but this time with a looser and freer look.”

Trade Secrets

Bruni shared this helpful tip — unwashed hair is best to work with because it has the best texture for styling.

“Squeaky clean hair doesn’t work well,” Bruni said. “To get that unwashed hair effect you can use a dry shampoo to give the hair some starch. Starchy hair is a must for great styling.”

Hayes said her two irreplaceable products are cheek highlighter from Girlactik Beauty called Star Powder Sheen and Skindinavia — a makeup setting spray that keeps makeup on longer and looking fresh — perfect for a long night of parties.

The best overall makeup advice for special occasions is using a flawless foundation that gives an ultra-dewy look that’s youthful at any age. And for divas over 50, you’ll want to stick with matte eye shadows and powders because they’re more forgiving in day or night light.

Bruni, like many others, says he loves the electricity that the January events bring.

“Even though I live in Birmingham, I’m a Motown guy,” Bruni said. “We all inspire each other, and the excitement of everything going on this month makes it one of the best times of the year.” NS

Todd’s Room is located at 239 Pierce St. in Birmingham.

Luigi Bruni Salon is located at 706 N. Old Woodward Ave. in Birmingham


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