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Susan Peck

avatarSusan Peck is a lover of the journey of life and fellow travelers. A natural-born scribe with a degree in journalism from Wayne State University, she wakes up every day energized to tell the fascinating stories of people, places, food, fashion, health and more in our community and world. The only personal description she welcomes is to be called “indefinable.” You could say she’s both yin and yang. She loves: the excitement of city life but also being near the ocean and mountains; fine dining (hello Lady of the House in Corktown!) or a great food truck at Eastern Market; the DSO and Alabama Shakes; dressing up for an evening out; or staying home in pjs reading all Sunday. She’s obsessed with the written word, serendipity, Winston Churchill and Abraham Lincoln, and the power of real love. (And the book she’s currently writing that includes all of these!)