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Rachel Schostak

avatarAfter years of working in New York fashion industry and studying Fashion Merchandising & Marketing at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Rachel’s career path took her to Chicago where she worked as a personal stylist and sales specialist at DNA 2050. Combining her passions for design and digital innovation, Rachel returned to her native, Detroit, as a Design Associate & Director of Media for Denise Ilitch Designs. In 2013, with the focus to bridge the gap between online and offline shopping, and making it easier to shop local, she founded Styleshack.com, marrying her knowledge of fashion retail, merchandising, E-commerce and creative approach toward digital strategy. Styleshack.com was recently acquired by Neighborhood SEEN and now operates under SEEN Media. Rachel has a strong passion for art, travel, Vernors and, of course, fashion. She also loves avocados — she’ll literally puts avocado on anything. She’s tried to master the art of cooking...it’s a work in progress. When not working, you can find Rachel at the DIA, collaging or working on her personal blog schostyle.com.