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Kristina Zheng

avatarKristina is a senior at Detroit Country Day School, where she first discovered her passion for journalism. After diving into investigative journalism books in her English classes, Kristina was inspired by the vivid storytelling and deep commitment that journalists pursue. Prior to joining SEEN Magazine, Kristina was Co-Editor-in-Chief of DCDS's newspaper, The Day Times, where she was responsible for editing articles, managing deadlines, and finalizing page layouts for print. During her time at The Day Times, Kristina was a senior columnist who dedicated her columns to reminding her community to appreciate the small things in life. She also contributed to the Entertainment section by writing movie and book reviews, fashion tips, and restaurant reviews to share with her peers. When Kristina is not working at SEEN's newsroom, you'll likely find her at a local coffee or tea shop reading a book, or on a jog enjoying Earth's natural beauty.