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5th Annual Tour de Fork Benefited Children’s Center and Satisfied Tastebuds

September 17, 2018

Tour de Fork held at Eastern Market in Detroit featured over 30 restaurants and raised $120,000 for The Children’s Center.

By Cassie Kunze

Photography by Jessica Barris

The 5th annual Tour de Fork Detroit was held last week in Eastern Market in support of The Children’s Center, which offers clinical services to youth facing educational, emotional or developmental challenges.

Hundreds of people came out to enjoy over 30 restaurants from Metro Detroit, including Selden Standard, Mac n’ Cheez and the newly opened Ford’s Garage.

Tour de ForkCassie Kunze/SEEN

Mac ‘n’ Cheez employees serving food with a smile.

Tour de ForkJessica Barris for SEEN

Green chili and beer braised chicken tacos from The Drunken Rooster food truck.

Hassan Musselmani, “Hell’s Kitchen” competitor and owner of The Drunken Rooster, served green chili and beer braised chicken tacos to celebrate the night. His Detroit-based food truck offers delicious “Mediterranean tacos with a twist.”

In between plates, people enjoyed Fowling, cornhole, raffle tickets and more. The Children’s Center provided a canvas that represented the children’s dreams of what they want to be when they grow up. Guests were invited to paint the drawing, which featured aspirations of becoming astronauts, dancers, police officers and teachers. The painting will be taken back to The Children’s Center for the kids to add their final touches and will be displayed in the center’s gallery.

Tour de ForkJessica Barris for SEEN

Lindsay Babinski of Detroit.

Tour de ForkCassie Kunze/SEEN

Detroit native Zane Makky, executive chef at Brome Modern Eatery, shared his excitement to be attending Tour de Fork for the second year. He says he “loves to support this great cause.” He served max sliders and griddles chicken sliders with organic vegetables that ended up taking home the award for “Favorite Dish” this year. This comes as no surprise as Brome has a passionate team behind their flavorful sandwiches. Brome also focuses on buying products locally here in Detroit, including several Eastern Market vendors.

Tour de ForkJessica Barris for SEEN

Brome burger and grilled chicken sliders.

Tour de ForkCassie Kunze/SEEN

Brome executive chef Zane Makky (right).

Brome sous chef Ray Rahal expressed that for him “(cooking) is from the heart.”

“When I go to work, I don’t look at Brome or this industry as a whole as a job, I look at it as this my life,” he says. “This is what I love doing. I love to feed people.”

Tour de ForkJessica Barris for SEEN

Street tacos from GoCheez.

Nick Issa, owner and chef at GoCheez food truck, offered Asian street tacos with kimchi marinated pork, spicy coleslaw and a wonton garnish with a soy sauce drizzle. GoCheez has been serving gourmet grilled cheese and private catering in Metro Detroit for three years and is celebrating its second year at Tour de Fork.

Tour de ForkJessica Barris for SEEN

Sister Pie’s salted maple pie.

Kim Bowden-Adair, an employee at Ford Motor Co., has a daughter who works at The Children’s Center as the manager of donor relations. Bowden-Adair has attended Tour de Fork for several years and says some of her favorite dishes of the evening included Slows BarBq, Sister Pie and of course the burgers at Ford’s Garage.

Tour de ForkJessica Barris for SEEN

Fried rice and meatballs from Lazybones Smokehouse in Roseville.

Tour de ForkJessica Barris for SEEN

Deni Smiljanovski, chef of Lazybones Smokehouse in Roseville.

Deni Smiljanovski, owner and chef at Lazybones Smokehouse in Roseville, says there is a “wide range of things in the Detroit area to try.” Whether it’s a high-end steakhouse, waterfront dining or a vegan brunch at a rock ‘n’ roll bar, Deni says there is a lot of good food around the city. Lazybones Smokehouse has been open for over 15 years, and Smiljanovski says he was excited to be a part of Tour de Fork for the first time this year.

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