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Style Profile: Live Cycle Delight Founder Amina Daniels

December 28, 2018

Amina Daniels, founder of Live Cycle Delight in Detroit, tells SEEN about her fashion background in New York, why she came home to launch a fitness studio and what active wear brands she loves.

By Rachel Schostak

Photography by Justin Milhouse

 1. Tell us about your professional background: I am a passionate and pioneering fitness leader. I have a high-powered combination of retail, marketing, podcasting and brand representation experience. I have opened a Tommy Hilfiger flagship and G-Star Raw in New York City, launched a podcast network which now boasts over 50 million streams, and launched a startup called Tot Squad in New York. I then returned to my hometown of Detroit, opened Live Cycle Delight in 2017 and expanded to a second location in LCD Hot in June 2018.

Amina Daniels founder of Live Cycle Delight

2. How did the concept of Live Cycle Delight come about, and what inspired you to start this business? I launched LCD on three pillars of fitness, which I believe to be an essential formula for balance of mind, body and spirit. Our team teaches that only when harnessing the power inside ourselves do we create truly powerful and disciplined athletes. Our team and I sculpt bodies through focus and drive in a complete fitness program. As a leader, my fearless coaching method creates an ethos of giving more in the moment to feel the burn of success. Our team encourages fitness through resistance training, sweating through high-intensity aerobic activity and restoration through breath, meditation and asana.

 3. Can you share what makes the LCD workout unique? My fitness philosophy is trifold: train, sweat, restore. These three pillars represent a total training system and are the foundation of my fitness studio, Live Cycle Delight.

LCD offers group fitness classes, including TRX and core strength training, indoor cycling and outdoor social rides, Pilates, hot yoga and restorative yoga. Our team champions physical health to support positive mental health and encourage people to thrive in their workouts and in their everyday lives.

Amina Daniels founder of Live Cycle Delight

 4. You have an impressive fashion and retail background. At what point did you realize you wanted to shift industries? I have always been passionate about connecting clients to something that gave them a long-lasting experience or good feeling. I wanted to have a more meaningful impact with those experiences; I wanted to change lives. I knew there was an opportunity in my hometown of Detroit, so I came home to be a catalyst of change.

5. With your experience selling active wear, you must be familiar with many brands and notice the growth of the athleisurewear trend. In your opinion, is this a trend or way of life? People want to be fashionable, yet comfortable. They also want to flaunt their curves in any way they choose. Athleisure allows you to be modest or sexy while being comfortable. Athleisure apparel allows movement with less restrictions — who doesn’t love that?

6. Any active wear brands we should be paying attention to? I love Outdoor Voices’ marketing and inclusive branding. Adidas is fashionable and fun; their cast of influencers is quite the dream team. There are so many new brands on the horizon. I hope to collaborate with more brands and companies that share similar interests as Live Cycle Delight in the new year.

Amina Daniels founder of Live Cycle Delight

7. Who inspires you in the fitness world? I am inspired by badass women who have broken down barriers and overcome obstacles to achieve success.

8. The theme of this month’s issue is health and wellness. Any goals you have for yourself in the coming months? Every year I challenge myself to achieve personal and professional goals. In 2019, I am looking to tap into my better by growing LCD to connect with more participants near and far as well identifying more top certified talent to deliver the most delightful class experience. I will be looking to grow personally by pushing myself to accomplish more this year, incorporate more balance by giving myself more personal time away from the business and taking more vacations.

Now on to your personal style…

Amina Daniels founder of Live Cycle Delight

9. Head-to-toe outfit details from the photoshoot? Adidas leoflage crop top and matching leggings and Athleta red puffer jacket. Makeup by Ashley Tolliver featuring The Lip Bar.

10. Three words to describe your personal style? Urban, comfortable, edgy.

11. What inspires your style? I have always had a passion for fashion. I love wearing black, exotic prints and being comfortable. I am inspired by high fashion, art and functional garments.

12. Where do you find fashion and fitness inspiration? I am always looking to merge my past fashion experience with my current studio life in Detroit. I am inspired by art and the LCD community. Art inspires me to be more curious and free; my community inspires me to be better and serve.

Amina Daniels founder of Live Cycle Delight

Amina Daniels founder of Live Cycle Delight

13. We enjoy following your @livecycledelight Instagram. Who are a few of your favorite Instagram follows? Hannah Bronfman is an Instagram favorite; she is fashionable, fit and killing it. I love her.

14. One item you can’t leave home without? Sunglasses.

15. You’re never full dressed without___? Lipstick by The Lip Bar.

16. What are some active wear brands you are currently wearing? I tend to wear who supports LCD. Currently I am wearing a lot of Athleta. Last year it was Under Armour.

17. Your go-to healthy snack? A green smoothie made of fruits and vegetables with three scoops of ginger, chia, hemp and flax seeds or a kale salad.

Amina Daniels founder of Live Cycle Delight

Your Local Love list…

18. What do you love most about your community? Their commitment and continued support. I have gratitude for each and every one of our participants.

19. A few of your favorite go-to spots for breakfast lunch and/or dinner? I live for a sister salad or soup from the ladies at Sister Pie, I eat Inn Season in Royal Oak several times a week, Germack and Russell Street Deli. Luckily, LCD will soon have a grab and go menu from The Farmer’s Hand, which will save me even more time.

20. Where do you enjoy shopping locally? Bird Bee, Madewell and G-Star.

Amina Daniels founder of Live Cycle Delight


21. Favorite quote or words to live by? Clark Atlanta University’s motto: “Find a way or make one.”

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