About Us

Our mission at SEEN Magazine

At SEEN, our mission is to help everyone live their best life, LOCAL. 

Humans are shaped by and crave connection with others. In our fast-paced world of mobile technology, filters, and instant gratification, we are focused on telling the deeper stories about the real people making our neighborhoods and community so special. The same people that are willing to pitch in and help their neighbors when they fall on hard times.

We believe that to live a richer and fuller life, you need to make meaningful connections with the people, places, and businesses in your area.

Our hope is that by telling the story of the person who started that local coffee shop–how they grew up, why they started their business, how they choose and roast their beans, and their favorite places in their community, readers will make a conscious effort to invest in those businesses as often as possible.

Instead of hopping in the drive-thru line at the big box coffee place by default, they’ll choose to stop in the local place more often and have a conversation with the owner. And Metro Detroit cities and towns will continue to support the unique, independently owned-and-operated businesses that make this a more interesting place to live and work.

The Team

Amy Gill-Cronovich

Co-owner and CEO 

Amy GillMarina Pia Goldi/SEEN

Amy was born the youngest of four children, to an English literature loving father and a teacher-turned-social worker mother, in a small town outside of Americus, Georgia. She moved to Detroit at the age of 5, where she spent an idyllic childhood playing outside, creating stuff, dancing, reading and riding horses.

She graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Cultural Anthropology and spent her early career building corporate curriculum and training programs at Rock Financial and Quicken Loans. In 2008, she jumped at the chance to help build Dan Gilbert’s startup accelerator, Bizdom, in Detroit. The program provided funding, mentorship and space for technology startups. Amy loved working closely with the entrepreneurs to break down their ideas, prioritize goals and then build them from the ground up. She assisted in the development of more than 40 startup companies before leaving to partner with Rachel Schostak and take on the CEO role at Styleshack.com.

Amy’s passion for building things, her love of small towns (and the charming people in them) and supporting local businesses led to a perfect partnership with Kevin Browett and SEEN magazine.

Amy currently lives in downtown Rochester with her husband (ER doctor) and kids Georgia and Sam. She loves going to the farmers market (Eastern Market will always be No. 1), eating tacos, practicing yoga, spending time outside with her family and daydreaming about the future farm she will own with four horses, a few goats, chickens and bunnies.

Email: agill@seenmediagroup.com

Carol Kruemmer

Co-owner and CRO

Jane Asher, P.h.D. 



Email: editor@seenthemagazine.com


Rachel Schostak

Fashion Director

Rachel SchostakMarina Pia Goldi/SEEN

After years of working in New York fashion industry and studying Fashion Merchandising & Marketing at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Rachel’s career path took her to Chicago where she worked as a personal stylist and sales specialist at DNA 2050. Combining her passions for design and digital innovation, Rachel returned to her native, Detroit, as a Design Associate & Director of Media for Denise Ilitch Designs.  

In 2013, with the focus to bridge the gap between online and offline shopping, and making it easier to shop local, she founded Styleshack.com, marrying her knowledge of fashion retail, merchandising, E-commerce and creative approach toward digital strategy. Styleshack.com was recently acquired by SEEN Magazine and now operates under SEEN Media. Rachel has a strong passion for art, travel, Vernors and, of course, fashion. She also loves avocados — she’ll literally puts avocado on anything. She’s tried to master the art of cooking…it’s a work in progress. When not working, you can find Rachel at the DIA, collaging or working on her personal blog schostyle.com.

Email: rschostak@seenmediagroup.com


The Origins of SEEN Magazine

About Us Kevin Browett

Kevin Browett grew up in a small town outside of Pittsburgh. It was the kind of town where everyone helped everyone. When people fell on hard times, it was the community that pitched in and helped keep them going. That kind of hometown love and support stuck with him throughout his career in operations, merchandising, finance, technology, and business development across national and global organizations.

As Chief Operating Officer of Renaissance Media, he had the idea of creating a local publication that highlighted all the good things that people do, local business stories, and events and trends that people care about right in their own backyard.

SEEN Magazine (originally called Neighborhood SEEN) was launched in 2014 as a 52-page lifestyle magazine and has since grown into one of the largest monthly lifestyle magazine publications in Michigan.

While both the digital platform and magazine were growing, during the summer of 2016 Browett, Rachel Schostak and Amy Gill started discussing the opportunity of merging SEEN with Schostak and Gill’s company, Styleshack.com.

Never wanting to stand still, all agreed that print (SEEN magazine) with digital (Styleshack.com) and the ability to buy online with various delivery options was the wave of the future. By merging the companies, suddenly their vision could become a reality – turning SEEN into a “smart print” media company, connecting local individualized experiences through content and commerce.

In late 2020, Kevin decided to return to his roots in the healthcare field, accepting a position as CEO at the Michigan Institute for Neurological Disorders (MIND) in Farmington Hills, Michigan. At that time, he made the decision to pass the reins of SEEN Magazine to Amy and Carol.

In February of 2021, Amy and Carol formed SEEN Media Group and acquired the SEEN Magazine brand. Now a fully women-owned and operated business, they are growing the organization into an incredible media company connecting local individualized experiences through content and commerce.