About the Marketplace


The Marketplace:

At SEEN, we believe in living your best life local. That means supporting all of the incredible independent boutiques and specialty stores in our communities. Buying from an independently owned store or designer, keeps more of your money in your own community and helps our downtowns thrive.

That is what led our fashion director, Rachel Schostak, to create a platform for her favorite local boutiques to be able to sell their products online and reach a larger audience.

SEEN Marketplace connects shoppers to boutiques, specialty stores and designers in Metro Detroit. Discover, shop and share the best products from your favorite designers as well as unique, one-of-a-kind, items all from stores in your Local SEEN. Now, when you are reading a great article on SEEN about style or trends, there will be products from local stores right in the article you can simply click to buy, without having the leave the site.

Shop local right from your phone, tablet or computer and have the item sent to your home, or available to pick up from the store!