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A Woman SEEN Making an Impact: Melissa Rose Price

April 30, 2018

Melissa Rose Price, CEO of dPOP, tells SEEN how she’s creating the ‘workplace of the future’ and how to tackle any problem with a strong support network and team.

By Stephanie Steinberg

Photography by Boswell Hardwick

Name: Melissa Rose Price

City: Pleasant Ridge

Age: 41

Job Title: CEO of dPOP, Lady of the Vault, Keeper of the Coffee

Melissa Rose Price is the CEO of dPOP, which is a women-owned and led commercial interior design firm based in Detroit. Recognizing what she has to offer and leveraging her unique strengths have helped her stand out as a leader in the male-dominated IT, construction and architecture industries. Her experience as head of the dPOP studio and 16 years of working in tech and facilities have distinctively shaped her entrepreneurial approach to design. Price and her team develop purposeful, data-centric workspaces that serve each client’s specific needs. Since 2013, dPOP’s portfolio of ultra-custom designs has grown to include an array of projects for major companies such as Quicken Loans, General Motors Co., Oath, Boston Consulting Group and Delta.

1. What are you currently working on?

We’re creating the workplace of the future, by exploring how the “internet of things” can inform our designs. Using the latest methods and tools, we measure the ways people collaborate and interact with their environment to not only deliver an immersive brand experience, but also optimize employee effectiveness. We practice an elevated understanding of workplace function and its role in business success through constantly pursuing our industry’s leading research and advancements.

2. What is an obstacle you’ve faced, and how did you overcome it?

I can’t say that I haven’t had any obstacles in my life — everyone has. But it’s hard to recall any particularly difficult hurdle because I’ve always been focused on the solutions. I’ve felt equipped to overcome any problem I’ve faced because of the support I surround myself with, whether through my family and friends, my network of great mentors or my own drive to learn, cope and overcome.

3. What is your greatest accomplishment?

At this point, I’d have to say my career. Although I don’t know if it is officially “accomplished”— I’m not done yet! I’m not really prepared to check this box.

4. What motivates you each day?

I’m a big idea girl. I can’t wake up not completely excited for what we’re tackling that day. My team also really motivates me. They drive me and inspire me.

5. What’s the biggest issue facing women today?

Honestly, this is the question I’ve been struggling with. How can I narrow it down to a single issue? How could it possibly be that simple? It occurred to me that it’s not OK to define it. Each individual is personally facing a “greatest issue” as unique as they are.

6. How can we address or resolve that issue?

Just ask! We need to be willing to open up, invite conversation and just ask each other, “What is the great issue you’re facing?” We should work to connect in that personal, honest way to create an informed network of strength for all women.

7. What advice do you have for other women?

My advice for women is to not take the obstacles into account, but rather create that support network for yourself so the hurdles are much easier to jump. When your focus is invested in creating solutions, those obstacles will seem much less daunting. After all, a problem solved is no longer a problem.

8. What’s something others may not know about you?

I absolutely love brand-new white, comfy socks. It’s true! They’re one of my absolute favorite things to put on the moment I walk in my front door at the end of a long day.

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