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A Personalized Story About Your Dog

April 12, 2018

Maia Haag wrote “If My Dog Could Talk” for families to create storybooks featuring their furry friends. In April, she’s donating a portion of book profits to the Michigan Human Society.

By Maia Haag

Have you ever wondered what your dog is thinking? When you walk back through the door, is your dog really that excited to see you after a five-minute absence, or is it more that your furry friend can’t keep track of time? When you drive, does your dog wonder how you know where you are if you keep your head inside the car?

Our love for our family dog inspired me to write a story from his perspective about all the things that we do that make no sense to him. Our golden retriever, Jet, receives as many hugs as our kids do. When he’s not getting enough attention, he puts his paw on my lap to remind me that it’s been 10 minutes since his last head rub. It occurred to me that the beloved family dog is basically a furry child. I wanted to celebrate the bond that happens between the family and their playful canine. Kids love to read stories about animals and dogs, and I knew that they would love to read a story about their own dog most of all.

If My Dog Could Talk

Maia Haag with her dog Jet as a puppy.


If My Dog Could TalkCourtesy of Maia Haag

“If My Dog Could Talk,” published by I See Me!, is a personalized story that features your dog talking about what it’s like to live in your family. When ordering the book on iseeme.com, you can select from 12 illustrated dog styles and five colors to create the dog that most closely resembles your pet. Your dog’s name and the names of up for four family members are included throughout the story and illustrations. You can also upload up to two photos of your dog to be printed on the first and last pages.

There’s even an option to indicate that your pet has passed away so that the story moves to the past tense. Losing a family pet can be traumatic, and this book is a positive way for families to remember their furry friend for years to come.

If My Dog Could Talk

Beyond celebrating each family’s connection with their dog, I wanted to help dogs who are currently living in Humane Societies to find their forever homes. For this reason, I See Me! is partnering with a different Humane Society in each state throughout the year. During the month of April, we have partnered with the Michigan Humane Society. When customers use the code MHS to order “If My Dog Could Talk” on iseeme.com, the customer will save 10 percent. At the end of the month, we donate 10 percent from the total acquired through that code back to the Michigan Humane Society.

Our golden retriever Jet has been an integral part of our family. He gives us so much affection; he has a calming effect on our family; he can keep a secret like no other; he gets us out walking; and he even seems to enjoy it when the kids read to him. Knowing how important our family dog has been to our family, it’s been a joy to hear from people who have ordered “If My Dog Could Talk” for kids and adults who love their dog!

Maia Haag is the author of “If My Dog Could Talk” and president of I See Me!, which has been publishing personalized books for children for nearly 20 years.

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