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8 Florals to Include in a Fall Wedding

October 17, 2018

Metro Detroit floral designer Liz Mally highlights her favorite fall flowers for weddings this season.

By Liz Mally

Photos courtesy LFP

October is here, which means cooler weather, changing leaves and something I’m particularly excited about: fall weddings. While spring used to be the wedding sweetheart, fall is quickly becoming the new favorite season for nuptials.

With fall comes more autumn-inspired arrangements and bouquets that celebrate the best of the season — massive mums, vibrant zinnia and alien-like scabiosa pods, to name a few.

And like the leaves, the color palette changes. We see fewer soft ivory and blush hues and more dramatic and moody jewel tones like burgundy, amber and dusty rose. As a floral designer, I like to take inspiration from my surroundings and incorporate seasonal bits, such as wildflowers, berries and dried grasses. Combined, these elements create a rich, textural vibe that’s very on-trend.

Take a look at some of my favorite flowers available in the fall and see how they all come together in a beautiful bridal bouquet.


fall flowers for weddings

Hardy mums are a popular outdoor fall flower, but specialty chrysanthemums are perfect for floral arrangements. Far from the basic little yellow and white mums you find in supermarket bouquets, there are a variety of large, unique mums that make wonderful focal flowers in fall arrangements. Giant, round, full “football mums” come in a wide range of gorgeous colors and are a cost effective and seasonal alternative to peonies.


fall flowers for weddings

Scabiosa are best known for adding height and dimension to flower arrangements. They come in a variety of colors and have delicate, curvy stems that give your arrangement beautiful movement when they float above the rest. Incorporating flowers with different “weights” at different heights is important in creating organic-inspired bouquets.

Blushing Bride Protea

fall flowers for weddings

Yes, this is its actual name! This appropriately-named bloom adds a soft, feathery texture to bouquets for an ultra-romantic feel. Technically a summer flower, these beauties are available into fall and add a lightness to moodier arrangements. The blend of white, ivory and soft pink makes it a perfect “bridge” flower, helping to connect and blend the lighter and darker elements.

Scabiosa Pods

fall flowers for weddings

Another textural bit that adds a lot of visual interest is the scabiosa pod. These round flowers are anything but typical, with their unique pattern and color that make them a versatile element in a variety of bouquets. I especially like them for fall arrangements with their dry, crunchy look, and they last more than a week with proper care. Paired with soft florals, these little alien-like buds make a big statement.

Majolica Roses

fall flowers for weddings

Shown here in pink, majolica roses are my go-to for arrangements and bouquets. This variety of spray rose is especially beautiful, with delicate, ruffled petals that give it a garden rose look and a pretty yellow center. They come with multiple blooms on a stem (sometimes up to six!), which make them great for filling out arrangements. Also available in white, these beauties smell amazing, are affordable and are available year-round.


fall flowers for weddings

While the name strawflower may conjure thoughts of dry, tan hay, these everlasting flowers are actually vibrant and colorful. With so many shades on each flower, these interesting stems are great for connecting and blending color within arrangements. Their unique petals (actually leaves) feel and sound like crinkling paper, giving your bouquet tons of texture.


fall flowers for weddings

You may recognize sedum (also known as stonecrop) from your garden, but did you know it makes a wonderful filler for floral arrangements? Sedum is a variety of succulent plant with fleshy leaves and flowers that bloom in almost every color of the rainbow. These hardy plants pair well with other fall flowers in muted tones.

Italian Ruscus

fall flowers for weddings

While this greenery is considered foliage and not a flower, I had to give it an honorable mention for being my favorite type. I add this vine-like greenery to almost all my bouquets to create movement and a more organic look. It’s a bit pricey compared to some other foliage, but a little goes a long way. It’s also great to use as a simple centerpiece, lined along the center of long tables with candles scattered throughout.

Combined, these florals create a lush, moody fall bouquet that’s perfect for the bride who prefers crunching leaves, changing colors and cooler temps for her big day.

Liz Mally is the owner of LFP and a Metro Detroit-based floral designer with a passion for creating organic, modern floral designs for weddings and events. Liz believes that every event — whether extravagant and grand or intimate and simple — should be a reflection of you. From bouquets and centerpieces to installations and beyond, LPF will help bring your unique vision to life with flawless fresh florals. Visit lpfblooms.com for more information, or follow LPF on Instagram at @LPFblooms and Facebook @LPFdetroit.

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