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6 Eco-Friendly Michigan Businesses and Organizations You Should Know About

April 23, 2019

Earth Day doesn’t have to be once a year because these businesses and nonprofits make sure that Michigan stays green all-year round.

By Alexa Caccamo

Featured photo via Rosemarine Textiles

Earth Day is once a year, but that doesn’t mean Michigan doesn’t go green all-year round. Why? Because there are businesses, organizations and brands in Metro Detroit that recycle, repurpose and use eco-friendly approaches for their goods and services.

These institutions below not only give residents what they need, but also protect the environment. Here is a list of Michigan businesses and nonprofits that make Earth Day every day.

1. Genusee

Genusee Via Genusee’s Facebook

Genusee is a sunglasses and prescription glasses brand based in Flint. The company recycles plastic water bottles to make the glasses. The company’s mission is to protect the Earth through recycling single-use water bottles and bringing jobs to the city of Flint. Each pair of pair glasses upcycles 15 water bottles. You can help Genusee continue its mission by purchasing glasses at genusee.com.

2. Cass Community Social Services

Cass Community Social ServicesVia Cass Community Social Services Instagram

11745 Rosa Parks Blvd., Detroit

Cass Community Social Services is a nonprofit in Detroit that provides many services to Michigan residents, and one them is recycling and repurposing. The organization collects old tires to create mats and planters, and creates coasters with recycled glass and repurposed wood. By taking these “go green” initiatives, the organization creates jobs along the way by hiring Metro Detroiters. If you would like to get involved with Cass Community Social Services, visit casscommunity.org for more information.

3. Rosemarine Textiles

Rosemarine TextilesVia Rosemarine Textiles Facebook

Rosemarine Textiles is an online boutique ran by Detroit native Meghan Navoy. Navoy designs accessories like scarves, silk ribbons, table linens and napkins with natural fibers and eco-friendly materials. If you want to make your closet and home brighter and greener, visit Rosemarine Textiles.

4. Arts & Scraps

Recycled Art SuppliesVia Arts & Scraps Facebook

16135 Harper, Detroit

Arts & Scraps in another nonprofit in Detroit that recycles and repurposes for a special mission. They reuse jewelry and art supplies for underserved children to design crafts and have educational and creative experiences. For more information on how to volunteer, visit artsandscraps.com.

5. Clothing Matters

eco-fashionVia Clothing Matters Facebook

141 Diamond Ave., Grand Rapids

Clothing Matters is a boutique focused on sustainable fashion. The store in Grand Rapids sells clothing and accessories made with organic materials that are 100% friendly to the environment. Treat your closet to some spring cleaning and visit Clothing Matters if you are in the Grand Rapids area.

6. Eco-Friendly Pest Management

Green Pest ControlVia Bugs and Science Facebook

950 E. Maple Road Suite, L7, Birmingham

Taking “an organic approach” is the core value of of Eco-Sound Pest Management. Located in Birmingham, homeowners can receive pest control services that help get rid of pests without using dangerous chemicals that harm our environment. If you’re interested in eco-friendly pest management services, visit ecosoundpest.com.

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