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5 Ways to Avoid a Costly Roof Repair

June 21, 2019

Cornerstone Roofing in Farmington Hills shares how to find hidden roof dangers before it’s too late.

By Stephanie Angelyn Casola

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When the roof on your home begins to show signs of age, when its shingles curl up or the roof looks wavy, it’s time to find professional help.

Victor Pintican, owner of Cornerstone Roofing in Farmington Hills, warns against waiting too long to repair or replace a roof on your home. Pintican should know. He started Cornerstone Roofing three years ago after working in the home improvement industry for more than two decades. Because he understands all aspects of building, Pintican helps homeowners avoid the pitfalls of a costly roof repair. Here’s how to tell if a roof is in need of replacement:

Look for a sign.

“The first sign of a roof in need of repair — its shingles will curl up,” Pintican says. “When you see this you know it’s time to have an inspection.”

Inspect it periodically.

Pintican says it’s a good idea to have a roof inspected about every 10 years to find any underlying damage before it becomes a costlier and more complicated project.

Don’t delay.

“A lot of people will wait until the last moment to have a roof replaced,” he says. “If there is a leak it can cause the plywood beneath it to rot.” Homeowners may not even notice the leak because it initially will not impact the drywall of a home, but the damage is done. It can cause mold and damage the insulation if it’s not changed in time.  That can become a costly fix.

Don’t just add another layer of roofing.

“Manufacturers will not warranty it,” Pintican says. “We don’t recommend it. Adding a layer instead of replacing a roof will shorten the life of the shingle by five years.”

Check the flashing.

In some cases, inexpensive materials are used in plumbing or sewer pipe flashing, which can crack after about 10 years, causing a leak. “Homeowners might not notice it until it’s way too late,” Pintican says.

Some signs of wear and tear are less problematic than others.

Darker spots on a roof may not necessarily mean it’s in need of a replacement immediately, Pintican says. “After 10 years you may see darker spots caused by algae, which can be removed,” he adds.

And the size and shape of a roof can mean a lot. When it comes to the pitch of a roof, steeper is better. It might cost more when it is time to replace it, but roofing will last longer because it dries faster in the elements, according to Pintican.

While most roofing is made to last about 30 years, there are factors that can impact its durability. In the 1990s, Pintican says an organic roof material was placed on many homes.  The material began to disintegrate and was found to last less than 15 to 17 years. It is no longer available, but Pintican and his team are now replacing many rooftops due to use of this organic material.

Expect a new roof to cost anywhere from $3,500 to $25,000 to replace, based on its size and pitch. A new roof should last 30 to 50 years, depending on the materials used. Today’s roofing is primarily made of either a tar-based substance called bitumen, or a rubber material called styrene butadiene styrene, which Pintican says will last longer but also costs more to install compared to other materials.

When it comes to repairing or replacing a roof, be sure to seek out a licensed contractor like Pintican. He provides inside knowledge of the building industry that can only benefit a homeowner who needs a roof inspected or repaired.

Cornerstone Roofing professionals specialize in roofing and also work on gutters, siding and windows for their residential clientele. The company is based in Farmington Hills and serves Oakland County and nearby areas. Call 248-563-9387 for an estimate today.

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