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5 Tips to Throw the Perfect Party

April 26, 2019

SEEN spoke with event planning professionals Star Trax to find out how to make your next event the best one yet.

By Cassie Kunze

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Star Trax event planner, Jen Ajlouny says there are several key ingredients to throwing a successful event. “When planning, it is important to consider the purpose of the event and to be creative when executing the concept,” she says. “We continually research, brainstorm, explore and educate ourselves before presenting our clients with a design.”

Ajlouny adds guests’ time is valuable, and if you want them to invest their time at your event, it is important to make it stand out. Once you pick a great venue, follow Star Trax Events’ top five secrets to throw the perfect party:

1. It’s All in the Details

Personalize the event from start to finish. Just like in business, the best way to market your product or project is through branding. This is where you can really have some fun. You can carry your message through the event in a million ways. While signage, décor and a tailored-menu enhance your theme, personal touches and creative ideas make your event innovative and trendy. Greet your guests with mini margarita place cards; serve them lattes with your personalized logo etched in foam; place warm personal messages at each table setting and create an official hashtag for guests to tag on social media.

Star Trax

A Star Trax planned event.

2. Make it Instagram-able

Capture your guests’ interest with a few unique experiences that Ajlouny calls “Instagram-able moments.” A statement piece at the entrance like an aerial artist pouring Champagne or a creative 3D place card display will leave your guests wanting more. Offer photo opportunities by infusing custom elements and statement pieces. Bring your event to life by using technology; it allows you to relay your message and change the mood or content throughout the evening. Onsite screen printing allows your guests to create personalized swag items and will help them to remember your event long after it ends. Always aim for a wow factor!

Star Trax

A Star Trax planned event.

3. Interactive Experiences

Adding interactive activities to your event will take it to the next level and create lasting memories. Basketball hoops by the bar, souvenir swag created onsite, cookie dough station, feather lashes, hair extensions and temporary tattoos are all fun ways to incorporate interactive experiences.

Company holiday parties are great planning opportunities. “Creating different environments from year to year is a challenge we enjoy,” Ajlouny says, explaining it’s a good idea to give souvenirs. “Every year, one of our clients has their employees add personalized vinyl lettering to company swag at their holiday party.” Hoodies, hats, laptop bags: they choose the font, color, and signature.  “It’s like walking into an apparel store and having something made just for you,” she says.

Star Trax

Star Trax planned events

4. Fun with Food

Star Trax experts recommend “re-inventing” ways to display food. Hang hot pretzels, use conveyor belts, offer small plates and even cart service instead of stations. “We guide the creative process with every caterer we work with,” Ajlouny says. “No matter what, your guests will need to be fed. Let’s give them something to talk about!”

Star Trax

A Star Trax planned event

5. A Sweet Impression

Everyone loves dessert — bite sized is best — making it easier to taste a little bit of everything. Mini doughnuts dipped and personalized, edible cookie dough shots, rolled ice cream, fresh squeezed lemonade with funnel cake bites, mini milkshakes and floats. Don’t you already want to be invited?

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