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5 Tips to Personalize Your Wedding Day

April 3, 2017

The most memorable weddings are the ones that make everyone feel part of your story.

By Amy Gill

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Weddings are an opportunity to invite friends and family to share in the celebration of your love and commitment to each other. The most memorable weddings, regardless of style, size or budget, are the ones that make everyone feel part of your story. However, many guests at weddings don’t know much about the happy couple or how they came together.

I asked local wedding experts, Joanie Sams and Lizz Smith from the Townsend Hotel, to share some unique ideas to personalize a wedding and include everyone in the process.

Live stream your wedding

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1. Use technology to capture and share your wedding with others

• Live stream the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception for friends and family who cannot attend. Choose a trusted family member or friend to use an app like U-stream, Facebook Live or Instagram Live and broadcast directly from their mobile device to guests around the world.

• Activate your dance floor by streaming photos taken and shared by guests live during your reception on a big screen! InstafeedLIVE, Wedding Hashtag Wall and most local event production companies can do this for you.


2. Brand YOU as a couple

• Share the story of how you met on your save-the-date invitation or in your wedding program.

• Choose a late-night snack to share that you had on your first date, the night you got engaged or from a favorite dating memory. The story behind it can be included on the menu card at dinner.

• Display your love story, special moments or quotes on life-sized displays throughout the venue.

• Create a fun hashtag and place framed signs on tables so friends can tag you in photos and videos.


The Townsend Hotel

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3. Incorporate your family members

• Use favorite family recipes for part of the meal or dessert.

• Place framed photos of family members’ weddings throughout the cocktail reception area or on tables.

• Ask cousins, nieces or nephews, aunts/uncles to do a special reading, sing a song or light a candle.

• Provide selfie sticks for family and friends to take fun, candid photos together throughout the night.


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4. Choose a meaningful location for your big day

• Get married or hold your reception in the place you first met.

• Get married at the same place your parents or grandparents did in honor of their love story.


5. A Fond Farewell

  • With the help of the Valet team or at the hotel you are staying at, place a card with a treat on their car seat or pillow that says “Sweet Dreams” from the couple.
  • Have another set of musicians playing “Goodbye songs” as guests exit your ceremony
  • Set up a sweets table with your favorite candies for guests to take on their way home


Connect with Joanie Sams or Lizz Smith to find out more about hosting your big day at The Townsend Hotel.



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