5 Nail Trends We Love This Spring
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Nailed It: 5 Nail Trends We Love This Spring

May 14, 2018

Step up your nail game with these 5 spring nail trends we are loving!

By Stephanie Casola
Sponsored by Color Box Luxury Nail and Beauty Bar

When it comes to keeping your nails in shape and in style, there’s more to choose from than your favorite baby pink, barely there finishes.

Kendra Geralt, owner of Color Box Luxury Nail and Beauty Bar in Birmingham, sees a world of opportunity right in our hands. From flashes of color to shimmery metallics, pressed and dried floral accents to negative space, nail trends are nothing if not personal this spring.

The 2018 looks making their way from runways to our manis run the gamut. Here are five to try:

1. Minimalist Designs

Spring Nail Trends

Make a statement with a full manicure – or just one designed nail – featuring minimal or abstract nail designs. Geralt is seeing color pairings “you wouldn’t normally put together.”

2. Floral Accents

5 Nail Trends We Love this Spring

From tiny painted flowers to manicures featuring real pressed, dried flowers as accents, this feminine touch takes on a whole new look well this spring.

3. Negative Space

5 Nail Trends We Love for SpringiStock

These manicures offer a great alternative to pale pink or bare nails. “Use your natural nails as art,” said Geralt, “It’s personalized because everyone’s nail bed is different.”

4. Metallics

5 Nail Trends We Love This Spring

From the Oscar runways to your fingertips, metallic are making a big splash for the season, “Think liquid metal that lasts,” said Geralt, pointing out tones of silver, copper and rose gold. The latter is a personal favorite for Geralt.

5. Looks that last

5 Nail Trends We Love This SpringiStock

Dazzle Day manicure’s from Color Box are long-lasting like gel, but with organic, vegan, cruelty free polish.

Gel manicures are still a top choice for those looking to create nails that make it through the workweek. But Geralt said there is a game-changer for long-wearing looks. Color Box experts offer a 100 percent organic, vegan manicure that lasts two weeks. They rely on Dazzle Day for a fast-setting mani on course to replace your favorite gel process. “It dries rock hard in 5 minutes,” said Geralt. “And you can feel good about the entire process.”

Geralt and her staff specialize in safe, effective waterless manicures and pedicures, as well as luxury lash maintenance and waxing services. The lounge creates a clean, spa-like environment with cozy accents like overstuffed chairs, a fireplace and calming greenery to increase the hygge quotient in an instant.

Make a reservation or stop by and see the professionals at Color Box Luxury Nail and Beauty Bar to try these trends and more. This is how to celebrate spring.

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