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5 Must-Have Baby Items for New Moms

September 18, 2018

Bloomfield Hills mom and lifestyle blogger Jennifer Fantich shares baby items every mom should have and where you can find them in Metro Detroit shops.

By Jennifer Fantich

As a mom of three young children, I can tell you that less is definitely more. Upon welcoming our first child 4 years ago, I, like most new moms, wanted to have all of the “stuff” — the latest baby gear, the newest diaper bag, the most popular baby items on the market. I am not saying it is a bad thing to get the baby stuff that you’ll use, but collecting it is totally unnecessary. I mean, who knows if your baby is going to be a Rock ‘n Play baby or a mamaRoo baby; a Fisher-Price swing baby or a Bjorn bouncer baby; a DockATot baby or a bassinette baby. Every baby is different.

These days, I am all about minimal baggage and functionality. With my first two children (Harper, 4; Leo, 20 months), I was more into wanting the things recommended to me by various friends, that I read about in magazine articles or that heard bloggers preaching about on social media. Truth is, with my last baby (Ivy, 7 months), I know what I use, what I don’t and what I wish I had the first time around.

That being said, here are my top five mommy and baby must-haves!

1. The Personalized Waffle Bag

baby itemsJennifer Fantich for SEEN

If you get nothing else as a new mom, this product is an absolute gem! These $15 waffle pouches from Perfect Trading Co., which can be personalized in-store (with either vinyl or embroidered details) are the best for both mommy and baby. Not only are they machine washable, not only do they fit a ton of stuff, but they pretty much eliminate the need for a diaper bag!

You heard me!

Everyone thinks they have the best, most organized diaper bag — until they’re looking for the diapers…the wipes…the changing pad…you name it. In a diaper bag, somehow everything you need (and consequently at the time of a stressful diaper explosion) seems to have gone missing! Enter…the waffle pouch. You can have one or several of these bad boys stuffed with everything you need depending on where you are going. For example, the double compartment bags allow you to store bottles and formula on one side, while conveniently storing bibs, diapers and wipes on the other. In a second pouch, you may store snacks and utensils on one side and teething rings and toys on the other. Carry these pouches free-hand, stick them in your mom tote or grab a Lululemon bag and toss ‘em in.

For $30, you’ve organized your stuff and saved a ton of money on not needing a diaper bag, tote organizer or therapist, for your sanity!

2. Bibs and Burp Cloths

baby itemsVia adenandanais.com


baby itemsVia babyjar.com

Bibs and burp cloths have become a posh item nowadays. Of course you want them to look cute, but you also want them to be soft, durable and absorbent. I have two brands that I favor: Aden & Anais and Baby JaR. Aden & Anais large bibs are my favorite. They do make smaller sizes. However, the large size bibs double as burp cloths. The muslin material is soft and resilient, and they make lots of cute prints that are great for boys and girls. Baby JaR prints are more vibrant and fun. The burp cloths and plush bibs are gentle and make feeding time more fashionable. Both products from both companies wash and wear very well.

The Aden & Anais bibs can be purchased at Buy Buy Baby or Nordstrom, whereas the Baby JaR bibs and burp cloths can be purchased at Guys N Gals in West Bloomfield or Perfect Trading Co. in Bloomfield Hills.

3. Sleep Sack

baby itemsVia Bla Bla Textiles Facebook

So here is the deal with sleep sacks. My oldest daughter never really loved them, but my younger two kids lived for them! It definitely depends on your child, but I believe that if you have the right sleep sack, your child will sleep soundly and comfortably, and so will you! The greatest sleep sack is the Bla Bla Textiles sleep sack. It feels like a cloud. They come in both boy and girl prints and are under $100. The only downside? They only last from 0-6 months, at which point you will know if your child prefers a sleep sack at nap/bedtime. This incredible sleep sack can be purchased at EGG by Susan Lazar in Birmingham.

4. Jao Sanitizer

baby itemsJennifer Fantich for SEEN

I am big on sanitizing and stopping germs in their tracks as often as I can with three little ones running around. The Jao brand sanitizer not only lets me keep both my kids’ hands and mine clean, but also smells like the spa. I have been using this brand forever, and I absolutely love it! I keep a few on me at all times. This hand sanitizer (which you will thank me for) can be purchased at Zieben Mare in Franklin.

5. Fanny Pack

baby itemsVia Ruby's Balm Instagram

Whoever thought the “fanny pack” (now appealingly termed the “belt bag”) would ever be back in style? While I do believe we should close the door on some fashion nightmares, I am actually calling the belt bag an absolute dream. While crossbody bags are great and allow moms to be hands-free, there is something so accessible about the belt bag. Not only can you fit your essentials (phone, gloss, ID, credit card, cash and keys) inside, but also everything is literally at your fingertips. With so many styles and price points for these “new” fashion statements, I truly believe every new mom should own one! My favorite one of the moment is from Ruby’s Balm in West Bloomfield, but equally cute and functional belt bags can be found at Guys N Gals and Perfect Trading Co.

Other baby favorites include: Kickee Pants sleepers and pajamas (sold at Lil’ Rascals in Birmingham); Little Giraffe blankets and lovies (sold at Perfect Trading Co. and Lil’ Rascals); Boppy napper (sold at Buy Buy Baby); BFF belly band for directly after birth (sold at Buy Buy Baby).

Jennifer Fantich is local to the Bloomfield Hills area and is a mom of three: Harper, 4 years; Leo, 20 months; Ivy, 7 months. She has been a full-time practicing speech-language pathologist working with children in Clawson Public Schools, but most recently has transitioned to a private practice, Small Talk Speech in Beverly Hills. Jennifer and her younger sister Nicole highlight the latest fashion, fitness, family and beauty trends on their lifestyle blog, Spoonful of Flair. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram at @spoonfulofflair.

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