5 Fall Planting Tips

September 7, 2017

5 fall planting tips to make your garden look great for next spring.

By Dan Bunch, Senior Landscape Architect at Three C’s Landscaping. 

Fall is right around the corner, and once the dog days of summer are reliably behind us, it’s the perfect time to get back out in the garden and enjoy the outdoors!  Whether you’re a greenthumb and like to get your hands dirty, or plan on hiring some expert help, putting some thought and efforts into the garden now can pay huge dividends next spring!


Garden Renovations

Fall Planting Tips

Despite what you many think, fall is a great time to get your major renovation and planting projects complete before the ground freezes. The cooler temperatures of autumn mean that new plantings don’t require as much watering to keep the foliage healthy and get their roots established.

Plant Bulbs

Fall Planting Tips

Bulbs are to be planted in fall because they need to go through a winter of cooler temperatures underground, in order to come up and flower during spring. Tulips, daffodils, and giant alliums are some of the more reliable show stoppers in the Michigan climate. They produce a nice bang for your buck in spring before the other perennials wake up from winter.

Fall Containers and Decorations

Fall Planting Tips

Planting your containers with mums is a very simple way to dress up your door or patio space. Adding pumpkins, grasses and various textures in and around the container create a beautiful fall display. Adding hay bales and cornstalks can make an even grander statement.

Lawn Overseeding and Aerating

Fall Planting Tips

Fall is a great time for detaching, overseeding, and aerating your lawn. This should be done every 2 – 3 years to continually improve air and water spaces in the soil structure and to promote good root growth. Stronger, deeper roots in the fall translates into fuller, healthier grass stand in the spring!

Dormant Pruning

5 Fall Garden Tips

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Once your woody shrubs and trees have dropped their leaves and enter dormancy, it’s the perfect time to get out the pruners. Benefits to pruning a shrub while dormant are no insect or disease activities to infect open wounds, it’s easier to see the structure of the plant without foliage, and it promotes proper new growth come spring.


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