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36 Cocktails You Have to Try in Metro Detroit

July 4, 2019

We asked Metro Detroit bars and restaurants what cocktails people order again, and again. You’ll want to add these drinks to your must-try list!

Compiled by SEEN Staff

Featured photo via Rose Room 220

1. Anchor Bar

Anchor Bar CocktailPhoto via Anchor Bar

450 W. Fort St., Detroit


Cocktail: Hurricane on Draft

Ingredients: Captain Morgan Parrot Bay Coconut Rum, Captain Morgan Black, pineapple juice, orange juice, passion fruit cordial, lime juice, Grenadine

What people love about the drink: “People love to order the Hurricane at Anchor Bar. It’s a fast, super delicious drink that transports you to a tropical vacation. With each sip, you can almost hear the waves crashing around your barstool.”

2. Andiamo

Andiamo CocktailPhoto via Andiamo

6676 Telegraph Road, Bloomfield Township


Cocktail: Hoffa Old Fashioned

Ingredients: Two James J. Riddle, Reál peach purée, orange bitters, toshi cherry, orange peel

What people love about the cocktail:Our Hoffa Old Fashioned is a unique blend of smoked bourbon and sweet stone fruit with a story of its own and enjoyed by all.”

3. Bacco Ristorante

Bacco Ristorante CocktailPhoto via Bacco Ristorante

29410 Northwestern Hwy., Southfield


Cocktail: Forgive Me El Guapo

Ingredients: Cantaloupe/jalapeño-infused Tequila, Cointreau, fresh lime juice, fresh lemon juice 

What people love about the cocktail: “The Forgive Me El Guapo is a take on the classic margarita, with the taste of fresh cantaloupe on the front and the spicy of the jalapeños on the finish — and has become a Bacco favorite. Guests look forward to the drink showing up on the cocktail menu every spring and summer. The name is a line from the movie ‘Three Amigos.’ ”

4. Barter

Barter CocktailPhoto via Barter

11601 Joseph Campau, Hamtrack


Cocktail: The Panorama

Ingredients: Bourbon, fresh squeezed lemon and grapefruit juices, vanilla earl grey tea syrup, egg white and a pinch of salt. Garnished with earl grey tea leaves and a dried rosebud. 

What people love about the cocktail: People love the bright, fresh flavor, the lovely, frothy texture and how easy to drink it is and the beautiful garnish.”

5. Besa

Besa CocktailPhoto via Besa

600 Woodward Ave., Detroit


Cocktail: The Pollinator

Ingredients: Jasmine green tea infused Belvedere, elderflower liqueur, fresh lemon, turbinado simple

What people love about the cocktail: “The Pollinator is a refreshing cocktail that was created to be enjoyed in the beautiful days of spring and summer! The name is meant to evoke a sense of new life.”

6. Bistro 82

Bistro 82 CocktailPhoto via Bistro 82

401 S. Lafayette Ave., Royal Oak


Cocktail: Soul Reviver

Ingredients: Monkey 47 Gin, Lillet Blanc, Cointreau, lemon juice, Absinthe rinse

What people love about the cocktail: “The Soul Reviver is a modern take on a classic cocktail. Guests enjoy this balanced cocktail year-round and often order a second!”  

7. Bobcat Bonnie’s

Bobcat Bonnie's CocktailPhoto via Bobcat Bonnie

1800 Michigan Ave., Detroit


Cocktail: The Bonnie

Ingredients: Amador Double Barrel Bourbon, Stillhouse Moonshine, fresh lemon juice, house-made fresh blackberry simple syrup

Why people love the cocktail: “People love that it is sweet enough for people that like fruity drinks, but still strong enough for bourbon lovers!

8. Browndog Barlor

Browndog Barlor CocktailPhoto via Browndog Barlor

33314 Grand River Ave., Farmington


Cocktail: My Cousin Ginny

Ingredients: Grapefruit, simple syrup, St Germain house-made gin infusion: gin, Granny Smith apples, pears, rosemary

What people love about the cocktail:It is a craft cocktail that isn’t too heavy, but definitely plays on the botanicals in the gin. It appeals to both men and women. People like that it isn’t too sweet and it is well balanced.”

9. Castalia

Castalia CocktailPhoto via Castalia

3980 2nd Ave., Detroit


Cocktail: The Uphill Battle

Ingredients: Gin, lime, Turbinado sugar, horseradish, blueberry amaro, Anise liqueur

What people love about the cocktail: “This drink is based around the unlikely combination of blueberry and horseradish. It’s savory, tart, with a touch of sweetness, so the complexity really impresses people.”

10. Destination 1905

Destination 1905 CocktailPhoto via Destination 1905

8130 Kercheval St., Detroit


Cocktail: Redeye

Ingredients: Mezcal, Distillare Orange Curacao, sour cherry, hibiscus, Thai peppers, activated charcoal 

What people love about the cocktail:This cocktail is earthy, floral, acidic and spicy. It’s full of many flavors, the color jet black and has Thai chili pepper inside the ice cube.”

11. Diamond Steak & Seafood

Diamond Steak & Seafood CocktailPhoto via Diamond Stead & Seafood

100 S. Main St., Main Level, Royal Oak


Cocktail: Ryan’s New Fashioned

Ingredients: Liberator Old Tom Gin, Cherry Heering, B & B, orange bitters

What people love about the cocktail: “Our guests seem to love it because they are blown away by the fact that it’s a barrel-aged gin, and not a whiskey. Everyone seems to assimilate gin as tasting like a Christmas tree. We use Liberator Old Tom Gin from Valentine Distilling in this cocktail, and our guests are loving it!”

12. The Duke

The DukePhoto via The Duke

39475 Woodward Ave., Bloomfield Hills


Cocktail: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Ingredients: Pineapple and vanilla infused Tito’s Vodka, vanilla syrup, pineapple juice, lemon bitters, edible flowers, lemon zest rose

What people love about the cocktail: “The Gentlemen Prefer Blondes has a tropically bright citric forward flavor, balanced with curvy rich balance of vanilla sweetness. It also always looks happy garnished with a lemon zest rose and a bouquet of edible flowers from local Detroit farm, Recovery Park.”

13. Evening Bar

Evening Bar CocktailPhoto via Evening Bar

1400 Woodward Ave., Detroit


Cocktail: Privateer

Ingredients: Blanco Tequila, Ancho Reyes Liqueur, Cruzan Blackstrap

Rum, Clement ‘Canne Bleu,’ Rhum Agricole, grapefruit, lime, House Falernum, Peychaud’s, mandolin pineapple, cinnamon stick, edible orchid

What people love about the cocktail: “It’s a year-round rum cocktail with sneakily added complexity from a pinch of tequila and a mild, yet spicy kick from the ancho liqueur. It’s inspired by the classic tiki cocktail called an ‘ancient mariner,’ but with extra shiny, yummy flavor.” – Josh Nadel, Beverage Director

14. Firebird Tavern

Firebird Tavern CocktailPhoto via Firebird Tavern

419 Monroe St., Detroit


Cocktail: Firebird’s Our Fashioned

Ingredients: Old Forester Bourbon or Guest Choice, raw sugar, ango bitters, orange peel, splash water

What people love about the drink: “What makes this drink special: the house-made bourbon-aged cherries. They are absolutely amazing and give this Old Fashioned a perfect balance of smoky, sweet flavors.”

15. Fort Street Gallery

Fort Street Gallery CocktailPhoto via Fort Street Gallery

160 W Fort St., Detroit


Cocktail: Juliet Y Romeo

Ingredients: Gin, cucumber-mint syrup, lime, orange blossom water, aromatic bitters

What people love about the cocktail:Crisp and herbaceous, this gin-based cocktail features a house syrup made from fresh cucumber and mint. These ingredients, paired with orange blossom and aromatics, form a perfect midsummer drink.”

16. Green Dot Stables

Green Dot Stables CocktailPhoto via Green Dot Stables

2200 W Lafayette Blvd., Detroit


Cocktail: Mint Julep

Ingredients: Bourbon, mint, sugar, soda water

What people love about the cocktail:It is a classic, refreshing, boozy, horse racing drink, and it is only $3!”

17. Grey Ghost

Grey Ghost CocktailPhoto via Grey Ghost

47 Watson St., Detroit


Cocktail: Strange Clouds

Ingredients: West Cork Irish Whisky, Hickory smoked maple, Applewood Yakima sea salt, walnut bitters, Laphroaig 10 Year Single Malt

What people love about the cocktail: “People enjoy the interesting combination of flavors in the Strange Clouds. This cocktail incorporates three different styles of smoky flavor, which you almost never see working together.”

18. Hazel, Ravines and Downtown

Hazel, Ravines and Downtown CocktailPhoto via Hazel, Ravines and Downtown

34977 Woodward Ave., Birmingham


Cocktail: Spanish Coffee

Ingredients: Tia Maria, Grand Marnier, Zaya Rum, coffee, fresh whipped cream, three Luxardo cherries

What people love about the cocktail: “It’s the perfect after-dinner drink any time of year.”

19. Joe Muer

Joe Muer CocktailPhoto via Joe Muer

39475 Woodward Ave., Bloomfield Hills


Cocktail: The Black Orchid

Ingredients: Raspberry vodka, St. Germain, white cranberry, lemon, orchid flower

What people love about the cocktail: “This aphrodisiac cocktail has remained in our Joe Muer cocktail menu for over five years. With its light and refreshing body and floral bouquet, The Black Orchid is the perfect choice for a spring/summer day.”

20. Lady of the House

Lady of the House CocktailPhoto via Lady of the House

1426 Bagley Ave., Detroit


Cocktail: The Martini

Ingredients: Lady of the House gin, Bianco vermouth, orange bitters, olive

What people love about the cocktail: “We collaborated with Detroit City Distillery to create our own custom gin which we use in our martini. We have been thrilled to see non-martini lovers converted into devout fans of our take on the classic cocktail.”

21. Lumen Detroit

Lumen Detroit CocktailPhoto via Lumen Detroit

1903 Grand River Ave., Detroit


Cocktail: Lumen Libation

Ingredients: Milagro Silver Tequila, St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur

grapefruit, lime, soda

What people love about the cocktail: “People enjoy it because it is light, fresh and approachable. The St. Germain lends delicate aromatics to the drink and pairs beautifully with the Milagro, while the lime and grapefruit keep everything in balance.” 

22. Mad Hatter Bistro

Mad Hatter Bistro CocktailPhoto via Mad Hatter Bistro Cocktail

185 N. Old Woodward Ave., Birmingham


Cocktail: The B.F.B

Ingredients: Zubrowka bison grass vodka, lemon juice, strawberry-kiwi tea syrup, fresh basil

What people love about the cocktail:People love this basil-fed, bison grass vodka cocktail due to the subtle sweetness of strawberry-kiwi tea added to the recipe. It’s easy to drink, balanced, patio-friendly and always ordered again!”

23. Mootz Pizzeria & Bar

Mootz PizzeriaPhoto via Mootz Pizzeria

1230 Library St., Detroit


Cocktail: Alexandra

Ingredients: Rémy Martin VSOP, Cointreau, house-made cherry and cola syrup, fresh lemon juice, Angostura aromatic bitters, sugar, dehydrated orange slice

What people love about the drink: “People love the presentation, sweet and tart flavor profile, and the use of Rémy Martin VSOP.”

24. The Morrie

The Morrie CocktailPhoto via The Morrie

511 South Main St., Royal Oak


Cocktail: Fluffhead

Ingredients: Valentine White Blossom, St. Germain, simple syrup, blueberries, cucumber

What people love about the cocktail: “This drink features a slightly sweet approach with twists and turns coming from the elderflower in both the vodka and the St. Germain. Blueberries bring a hint of tart with the cucumbers giving way to freshness and a clean finish.”

25. The Oakland Novelty Art Company

The Oakland Novelty Art Company CocktailPhoto via The Oakland Novelty Art Company

201 W. Nine Mile Road, Ferndale


Cocktail: General Turkey

Ingredients: Wild Turkey 101, Campari, pineapple juice, raw ginger syrup

What people love about the drink: “A sweet and spicy bourbon cocktail made perfect with a squeeze of a lime wedge. A little bit of everything: sweet, spiced, bitter and boozy.” 

26. Republic Tavern

Republic Tavern CocktailPhoto via Republic Tavern

1942 Grand River Ave., Detroit


Cocktail: Half-Blind Dovetail

Ingredients: Espolon Reposado Tequila, Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur, jalapeno simple syrup, lime juice, topped with ginger beer and orange peel garnish

Why people love this drink: “ It’s refreshing, spicy, crisp and clean — reminiscent of summer on the beach no matter what season!”

27. Rose Room 220

Rose Room 220 CocktailPhoto via Rose Room 220

220 E. Merrill St., Birmingham


Cocktail: The Donz

Ingredients: Macallan 18, Drambuie, Baker’s bourbon, orange bitters, cinnamon stick

What people love about the cocktail:This is not only a drink and a show, but a whole experience. The drink flashes bright in the dark room. The warm smell of toasted cinnamon fills the air. You hear the cinnamon exploding like fireworks, then you taste an elegant spin on a classic scotch cocktail.”

28. The Rugby Grille

The Rugby Grille CocktailPhoto via The Rugby Grille

100 Townsend St., Birmingham


Cocktail: The Hummer

Ingredients: Ray’s French vanilla ice cream, Kahlua coffee liquor, Bacardi light rum, fresh whipped cream

What people love about the cocktail: “The Hummer has been the signature cocktail at the Rugby Grille for 30 years. Because it doubles as a cocktail and as a dessert, guests love to slowly sip on a decadent Hummer when celebrating a special occasion.”

29. Second Best

Second Best CocktailPhoto via Second Best

42 Watson St., Detroit


Cocktail: Melon Ball

Ingredients: Tequila, gin, honeydew melon, pineapple juice, lime, salt

What people love about the cocktail: “What people love most about this cocktail is that we put forth the time and effort to prep fresh ingredients to make it. That love and effort resonates in the cocktail itself and ultimately yields a better tasting finished product.” – Beverage Director Will Lee

30. Sedona Taphouse

Sedona Taphouse CocktailPhoto via Sedona Taphouse

198 E. Big Beaver Road, Troy


Cocktail: The Sedona

Ingredients: Bombay Sapphire, St. Germain Elderflower, fresh lemon, lime juice

What people love about the drink:Guests love it because it’s our name and our signature martini, it includes craft elements and it’s delicious!”

31. Selden Standard

Seldon Standard CocktailPhoto via Seldon Standard

3921 2nd Ave., Detroit


Cocktail: Science of Life

Ingredients: Scotch, Drambuie, amontillado sherry, ginger, lemon and a turmeric tincture. Garnished with dried rose petals.

What people love about the cocktail: “While most of our cocktails are brand new, rotating with the availability of seasonal ingredients or our house-made preserves, this is among a handful of drinks that we bring back each year because people just enjoy it so much. It’s spicy and unexpected but balanced and easy to drink.”

32. Streetside SeafoodStreetside Seafood Cocktail

273 Pierce St., Birmingham


Cocktail: Jalapeño-I love you, Won’t you tell me your name

Ingredients: Don Julio Blanco Tequila, Ancho Reyes Verde, agave, jalapeño, fresh lime juice, sea salt rim

What people love about the cocktail: “Our guests enjoy the sweet, salty, spicy, sour and freshness of the muddled jalapeño. It covers all the bases of a great cocktail!”

33. Takoi

Takoi CocktailPhoto via Takoi

2520 Michigan Ave., Detroit


Cocktail: Promises in Vortex

Ingredients: Blend of cilantro-infused El Jimador Blanco tequila and Banhez Espadin mezcal, Thai chili syrup, mint syrup, lime acid, super salt rim (puya chili, kosher salt, citric acid)

What people love about the cocktail: “It’s herbaceous, refreshing and food-friendly. Think of this as our play on a margarita but inspired by the pantries of Takoi.”

34. Vinotecca

Vinotecca Cocktail

210 S. Old Woodward Ave., Birmingham


Cocktail: Vino Sour 

Ingredients: Bourbon, lemon juice, simple syrup 

What people love about the cocktail: “As Vinotecca, we like to infuse wine into our cocktails whenever we can. In this sour twist, the wine adds a little sweetness and complexity while softening the edges of the Bourbon bite. Our guests often say they would never think of this combination, but are so impressed by the balance of flavors.  Both wine and bourbon drinkers are satisfied!”

35. The Whitney Ghostbar

The Whitney Ghostbar CocktailPhoto via The Whitney Ghostbar

4421 Woodward Ave., Detroit


Cocktail: Witching Hour

Ingredients: Valentine’s White Blossom Vodka, Limoncello, fresh-squeezed lemon, St. Georges Raspberry Liqueur 

What people love about the cocktail: “This unique blend centers around Valentine’s White Blossom Vodka and Limoncello, touched with fresh-squeezed lemon, shaken then strained into a sugar-rimmed Martini glass. The drink is then finished tableside with St. Georges Raspberry Liquor, giving the concoction the blood red swirl which is its trademark. It’s attractive and fruity, but does pack a punch!”

36. 220 Merrill

220 MerrillPhoto via 220 Merrill

220 E. Merrill St., Birmingham


Cocktail: Popper’s Fuzzy Bubbles

Ingredients: Blood Orange Infused Ketel One Vodka, St. Germain, peach puree, lemon juice

lemongrass syrup

What people love about the drink: “A drink that is as refreshing as it is beautiful. It comes out with smoking wisps rising coming from dry ice that keeps your drink arctic cold until the show is over. The cool clouds dance all around a beautiful pink orchid. It’s a citric and bright year round.”

Is there a cocktail you love that’s not on the list? Share it in the comments below!

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