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3 Creative Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas

November 28, 2018

Wow your loved ones with three creative, easy and affordable ways to wrap your gifts this holiday season.

By Krista Szklarski 

Ready or not, the holidays will be here in just a few short weeks! After picking out special gifts for everyone on your list, it’s time to dive into the wrapping! A beautifully wrapped gift adds so much more to the gift giving experience and will make your gift feel extra special. Below are three creative, easy and affordable ways to help spruce up your gifts and wow your loved ones this holiday season!

Mix It Up

creative holiday gift wrappingKrista Szklarski for SEEN

If you want to go for a minimalistic look, but are interested in mixing it up, try wrapping with different patterns in the same color family. Add unique textures such as burlap ribbon, and adorn your gifts with joyful gift tags and festive embellishments such as bells tied on with twine. 

Wrapping tip:

  • Use a glue gun to secure the bells to the top of the gift to keep them from falling off.

Materials used:

  • Gift wrap provided by The Detroit Card Co., $10 each
  • Gift tags provided by The Detroit Card Co., $7 each
  • Twine, $1, Dollar Tree 
  • Burlap ribbon, $2.99, Michaels craft store 
  • Silver jingle bells, $1 each, Dollar Tree 

White and Twine

creative holiday gift wrappingKrista Szklarski for SEEN

To achieve a clean and simple aesthetic, stick with a plain and neutral wrapping paper and add faux green trimmings to make your gifts pop! Incorporate ornaments to add something extra special, or take your gift to the next level by adding a battery LED light set!

Wrapping tips:

  • Continuously wrap twine around the box several times to give it the layered look.
  • Cut the strings off of flat-shaped ornaments and use a glue gun to adhere them to the top of a gift to give it a 3D look.
  • Wrap a battery LED light set around a small wreath and super glue it to various areas around the wreath to keep it secure. Hide the battery pack behind the box!

Materials used: 

  • White roll of paper, $1.50, Michaels craft store
  • Twine, $1, Dollar Tree
  • Burlap ribbon, $2.99, Michaels craft store
  • White Christmas tree ornaments, $2.99 each, Michaels craft store
  • Bell ornament, $1, Dollar Tree
  • Small wreath, $1, Dollar Tree
  • Stem of pinecone, $6, Michaels craft store
  • Battery LED light set, $1, Dollar Tree

Not Your Average Brown Box

creative holiday gift wrappingKrista Szklarski for SEEN

Who knew average brown shipping paper could be so cute! It is the perfect blank canvas to really let your creativity flow. Draw on it, glue things to it and wrap it up with a pretty bow! The possibilities are endless. 

Wrapping tips:

  • Use a Sharpie to draw a tree on the box. Cut the cranberries off a faux stem and super glue them to the “stems” of the tree drawing. Top the tree with a star sticker! 
  • To achieve the Rudolph gift, super glue the pom-poms onto the box before drawing the eyes and antlers. This will help give you a better scale to draw around.
  • Use pipe cleaners to spell out festive words to be glued onto a gift! Twist together two colors and then bend the pipe cleaners to spell out your desired word. Once finished, superglue to the box.
  • Wrap your gift up with a pretty scarf that can double as another gift once taken off! Place the gift in the middle of the scarf, knot it on each side and then knot the top and bottom to secure it.

Materials used: 

  • Brown packing paper, $1, Dollar Tree
  • Red ribbon, $2.99, Michaels craft store
  • Stem of cranberry, $1.99, Michaels craft store
  • Pipe cleaners, $1, Dollar Tree 
  • Pom-poms, $1, Dollar Tree
  • Star stickers, $4.99, Michaels craft store
  • Black Sharpie, $1, Dollar Tree
  • Plaid scarf

Metro Detroit resident Krista Szklarski is an aspiring creative who is obsessed with the holidays. From decorating her Christmas tree to wrapping gifts, every holiday detail is accounted for. Krista is currently looking to break into the event planning industry and let her creative ideas run wild outside of just the holiday season. Follow Krista on Instagram at @kmarieeexx  for more festive fun! 

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